my early years


yeah, that’s me …. I was born on the 2nd April 1976 – it sounds so long ago now that we’re into 2009!!  I don’t feel that old though!


Here  I am in my little blow up pool… I vaguely remember playing in this pool – but in my memories I was older than this!


I remember those plates – there was a top half to the plate, that fitted into the slots you can see on the plate I have in front of me – I used to love that set!

No comment about the dog – I am sure I shared my food with him – I can’t imagine he was sitting there just enduring watching me eat!


my smile is indicative of my actions… in this picture i have actually pulled all of my dad’s stamp collection out of the cupboard… in glee….

i obviously didn’t get in tooooo much trouble, because i don’t have any memory of that at all!


that’s me and my mum – i do need to ask her “WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY HAIR?!?!?!”


That’s me and my mum overseas when I was two – somewhere in the back of England at that stage I think! We went to Switzerland as well, but alas, me being a whole two years old and all, I don’t remember!!


And a school photo (we all hate our school photos don’t we) and again I need to ask “WHAT HAPPENED TO MY HAIR?!?!?!?”  I know my teeth got knocked out on my sister’s head(yes, true) but hey, we could’ve done SOMETHING better with my hair!!!


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