this is me

Welcome to the blog of jo1foster – this is a new world for me…  loving my life, my friends and family, and as we say here in sydney – LIVIN’ THE DREAM!!

i love flying into sydney over the harbour on a clear day… i love the simplicity and complexity of humanity… i love that there is no problem that doesn’t have a solution… i hate the smell of public pools…. i love trying not to laugh when you’re not supposed to be laughing… i hate brussel sprouts and cooked celery… i love Jackeline and Faith Claire – my sponsor kids in Uganda….  i love when my friends do silly things and i’m there to witness it in person…. i hate apathy…. i hate that we know how to eradicate poverty and yet governments do nothing…. i hate being far away from people that i love…  i love travelling to new and exciting places…. i love the islands of the seychelles…. i hate feeling helpless…. i love having afternoon tea in the Burj Al Arab in Dubai…. i love my friends who bless and astound me daily… i love the beach…. i love having cocktails on the beach in Bora Bora… i love the feeling of the sand between my toes and the sound of the waves… i love walking along with an elephant’s trunk tucked in my hand while the elephant walks behind me – so amazing… i hate getting stuck in the traffic…. i love grace… i love the sound of children laughing… i love lazy mornings with hot chocolates at bathers… i hate the feeling you get when you hear chalk being scraped down a chalkboard… i love seeing old people holding hands… i hate my neighbour’s alarm clock that keeps going off at 6:30am on cold Saturday mornings…. i love standing on the top of Table Mountain…
i love my life… and i love that i get to live it!


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