Early to bed, early to rise…

WOAH!  So it’s all go go go in life at the moment…

I’m struggling to keep up 🙂  This week has seen my (AWESOME) sleeping patterns rudely interrupted by twitter, and catching up with people, meeting new people… So that’s been fun, BUT, I don’t want to lose the great habits I’ve built into my life.

So I’ve been sitting here this morning taking stock of a few things, and working out how to make sure I don’t corrupt this process for myself 🙂

So, it’s back to bed for me at 10pm each night – if you see me on twitter –  YELL AT ME!  I KNOW how important sleep is, and I know I’ve struggled to get up every morning this week because I haven’t been in bed before midnight once this week!  (who can tell I have issues!)

Early to bed early to rise… so I’m making that commitment again.

They say “the early bird catches the worm”. Firstly, I don’t know who “they” are – probably bird scientists or some such biological studies people 🙂 “They” would surely have this kind of information… Secondly, I don’t necessarily want to catch “the worm” 🙂 But suffice to say, I GET the metaphor – and tomorrow morning, I’m the BIRD!!!


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