Leather jackets and lice

They go together right?? Well, not usually, especially if you get the leather jacket from one of my favorite GORGEOUS boutique shops in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney…

But today they go together for me, cruising along in a weird parellel universe that I try to navigate, and it’s usually a pretty cumbersome journey.

Let me get you into the picture. I hope your brain doesn’t hurt as it enters my world 🙂

Yesterday I was shopping (with my brand new Alannah Hill purse of course) and I went into one of my favorite boutique stores and drooled all over the VERY expensive leather jackets… believe me, there was much weeping and gnashing of teeth as the price tags revealed that we would never be united outside of the store…

I left, feeling broken and alone (sometimes that’s what a leather jacket can do to you) and it took a long brunch in a beachside café before I was even vaguely recovered enough to continue with life.

Then today, I read a friend’s blog about a leather jacket and my heart leapt upon remembering my saga yesterday… Needless to say, after a lengthy twitter discussion, we discovered IT WAS THE SAME STORE!!! And probably the very same jacket, although clearly I am no competition for said friend to get said jacket as I currently have minus $1 000 000.00 in my bank account. Cheque or savings? Err, no, I wish… Just charge it on credit along with the rest of my life…

So, you’re up to speed on my lack of nice leather jackets (did I mention I also wept over a gorgeous bag in another shop nearby too?)

Just after I read said friend’s blog, I started today’s contact. Working with foster kids, you see a LOT of the extremes of life and today was most especially one of those extreme days. The child whose family contact I was supervising today was four months old, with a head full of lice, and scabes all over her skin. She was removed from her home because of neglect, and a dose of domestic violence.

Ouch. So there’s my extremes.

On the one hand feeling superficial and silly because of my gripe about my ‘lack’ of leather jackets(I REALLY wanted it) and feeling convicted about this little baby’s situation. All the “oh my gosh, this brings perspective to life” comments raced to the front of my brain – you know the ones I mean…

On the other hand, recognizing that we all live different lives and both extremes can keep me real and compassionate and passionate to bring change, depending on how I view them and what I choose to do with them. It doesn’t help me to feel guilty about my jacket desires, or to choose a life of poverty because of someone else’s situation. That’s not ultimately going to help their situation…. what WILL help is if I’m strong and able to help…

I still want the leather jacket. I work hard. I play hard. It’s nice to have a treat once in a while. I will NEVER get said leather jacket unless my rich invisible non-existent husband buys it for me because I don’t have those dollars, but again you know what I mean…

One extreme fuels the other. One pulls at the other. One forces me to think about the other with fresh perspective. They are so desperately opposing on the scales of life that they force you to stop and gather yourself in the middle…

And that is a very good thing.

The ridiculousness of my desire for material ‘superficial’ objects keeps me driven for the REAL-ness of the rest of my life… sitting in a gorgeous la-di-da café on the beach fuels my passion for bringing change in my workplace… my new Alannah Hill purse, as much as it IS material, and most definitely superficial, CAN move me forward to keep pursuing more… (and by more, this time I don’t mean the material ‘more’, I mean the REAL ‘more’…)

So the brokenness and heartache of the baby situation hurt my heart A LOT, and I think it’s good to have your heart broken every once in a while. It keeps you real, it keeps you focused, it keeps you passionate to bring hope/encouragement/non-judgemental support…

And if loving a leather jacket keeps me on course for the GREATER and more meaningful things in life and forces me back to a good perspective, I’m gonna love me all the leather jackets(and a couple of cutesy bags too) that I can possibly find.


4 thoughts on “Leather jackets and lice

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  2. Loved this blog! I love that you can (and do) reconcile the two extremes- the baby and the jacket- and not beat yourself up for yearning for a jacket when other people don’t even have a safe home. That’s honest, and it’s real.
    And good luck fighting Kerri for the jacket! Perhaps some jelly wrestling to decide?

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