Jedi Masters: Everyone needs one.

I got me a Jedi Master.

Yeah, you read correctly. Not a kitchen master, or a house cleaning master, or even a tax refund master.

A Jedi Master.

I don’t even WATCH Star Wars (or is it Star Trek?) How do I know the difference?

I didn’t even know I needed one – but now I’m IN LOVE with the idea, and I think everyone should have one.

Backtrack with me for a moment…
It happened innocently enough, on twitter, where most things happen these days. Life: within 140 characters please. Its quick, and brutal. Said Jedi Master Mish Bridges tweeted in reply to something I wrote, saying “thank you Obi Jo Kenobi, your Jedi Master is at rest”.

I freaked. Who the HECK is Obi Jo Kenobi?
And WHAT exactly is a Jedi Master, and why is she MINE?

As most tech savvy people do, I leapt straight across from twitville to google, and spent the next half hour(or seven) perusing several sci fi star wars like trekkie type websites, trying to work it all out and getting even more confused…

A plea for help on twitter just revealed what I already knew, that I was HOPELESSLY behind in the saga that is Star Wars, and that there was no way I’d ever catch up… unless of course I was Princess Leia in the gold bikini (hmmm….not the last time I checked!)

Now I know EVERYONE knows who the Jedi are(how could you NOT?), and who the Siths are, and what the plot of the movie(or six) is… everyone also knows that if you’re gonna be a good Jedi, it’s wise to have a Jedi Grand Master type person(makes sense to me) to teach you light saber warfare, show you the way to Sith town, and help you fight(and defeat) those cheeky Siths.

Being the sci-fi lover that I am(NOT in a million years) I was sooo not fussed by my new name – Obi Jo Kenobi – either. Until I worked out who Obi Kenobi was… Oooo, impressive character.

I am honoured to be Obi Jo Kenobi.
And even more honoured to have a Jedi Master.

You see, there are Siths in my life too. I’m not thrilled about them, but they’re there. And I need a Jedi Master to help me negotiate them, and stay strong, and “use the force”(see what I did there) for good.

What do the Siths in your life look like?
Do you have a light saber(with fresh batteries of course) to battle them with?
Do you know how to use your light saber?(pink, blinged up sabers are awesome, but you gotta know how to throw those punches too)
Do you have support?
Have you found someone to be accountable to, to submit to, to learn from, to be vulnerable with?

You need a Jedi Master.

Get one. They’re the best.
(on sale in K Mart right now)

Or alternatively, just find someone amazing who invests into your life, and HONOUR THEM WISELY for the gift that they are to you. Listen and learn from them oh Jedi friends…

Lets defeat our ‘Siths’ together.



2 thoughts on “Jedi Masters: Everyone needs one.

  1. I’d tell you all the differences between Star Wars and Star Trek, but then I’d be letting my inner geek out, not a good thing lol.

    Sounds like having a Jedi Master is going well for you. I am currently Masterless, must head off to Kmart!

  2. love it, have my own jedi master he has helped me battle my demons who fromn here on will be called the siths love your way with words and twitterville is the galazy I think the siths are frrom the empire you can call me patawan trish

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