Choose life.

There is so much LIFE going on around me that sometimes my chest hurts…

So much light and shade, so many dimensions and perspectives from so many people…

Just in my twitter feed, LET ALONE IN THE REAL WORLD, in a quick read, I can span across the depth and breadth of life very quickly (all within 140 characters of course!)

Some tweets are genuinely funny, some are witty, some are cloaked in humour to hide insecurities, some are written by breaking hearts, some are at the top of a mountain, and some are just barely holding it together….

And the funny can turn serious in the blink of an eye, while the dramatic can find humour or solace just as quickly in reverse.

What I find interesting behind those tweets, more than the giggles, or the frustrations, is the theme of a life lived out….

There are people who are consistently funny, and it would be ‘out of character’ to see a sarcastic or dramatic comment from them. There are those who are consistently encouraging, or consistently negative…. There are those who always tweet about football, or food, or their children…

There’s a theme to your life, and it’s evident to all around you… Everything about you says something about you… If people really look, they can see what’s important to you; what you place value on….

What is the PATTERN of your life?

What’s the pattern of MY life?

If you string my tweets together, what do they say about me?
When you think of me, what do you think of?
What do I stand for, what am I known for?
What makes me so obviously me?

Like a pattern for an outfit, or a recipe for a cake(yummo nutella mudcake!) LIFE follows a pattern… and we each determine the pattern for our own lives…

So the questions then beg to be asked:


Is it going to be a frumpy mis-shapen outfit? Or a flourless cake?
Is it a Sass & Bide dress? Or that yummo nutella mudcake!

Well, luckily, it’s TOTALLY up to me….

And to get what you want out of something, you have to put what you want INTO something…
If I really wanted a nutella mudcake, I’d have to put nutella into the cake mix (I know, it’s hard to believe…)

It all comes down to choice. And choice DAILY….

Such is life. If you want your life to speak of strength and courage, then BE strong and courageous. If you want your life to shine integrity, then BE integrous. Sowing and reaping… it’s not a new concept, but it’s still a true concept… what goes in must come out…

It’s a choice. Every day. And usually several times a day.

It’s a choice, every time the situation presents itself, to respond with grace, with encouragement, with honour, without judgement, with respect…

It’s a choice, every time the situation presents itself, to be brave, to push past your current borders, to stretch out and extend yourself a little further than you did last time….

It’s a choice, every time the situation presents itself, to speak positively, to see with a broader perspective, to reign in your emotions and act with purpose….

I can think of people and instantly list words that spring to mind when I think of them. Like Mother Theresa. Or Hitler. Or Ghandi. And I bet you’ll be thinking of similar words.

What words will people be thinking of when they think of YOU?



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