hundreds and thousands

Sometimes, life just throws you an awesome curveball, laden with goodness and joy.
Pretty much covered in hundreds and thousands.

It hits you in the chest and knocks the breathe right out of you. But in the best way possible.

You know the feeling you get when you’re lying on a picnic blanket under a huge tree, watching the sun dance between the leaves on a gently breezy sunny happy day? Yeah. Like that. Times infinity.

Like serendipity. Which the dictionary defines as ‘an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident’. It’s such a ‘makes-you-wanna-skip’ kind of word. And occurrence for that matter. Well it is for me anyway. I love it.

It doesn’t happen often, but I’ve had a few of these curveballs in my life – and they’ve always been for a rich, rewarding, long term WIN.

If it were a food curveball, it would totally be your favouite meal. WITH gravy.
If it were a shopping curveball, it would be a 90% off sale at your favourite store, and if it were a sports curveball, it would HAVE to be Australia winning the Tri Nations and the Ashes every year for at least five years in a row.

My most recent one was not any of these at all.
SO different.
But better.

And I KNOW it.
I’ve experienced enough moments like these before to ensure a pause in my pace, and an acknowledgement of the moment.

I recognise the ‘serendipity'(I love that word) of the collision, the ‘fate’, the ‘coincidence’ of the timing of the chance and happenstance of it all…

And I’m savouring it.

One little coloured sweet delight of ‘hundreds and thousands’ at a time.

Because there’s always purpose attached to these moments. If you choose to open your eyes and truly see


2 thoughts on “hundreds and thousands

  1. Love it Jo! Hundreds and thousands are the perfect name for something that feels like much more than you ever hoped for. The candy: I only discovered them as an adult & never got into them. Still, they remind me of the “rainbow sprinkles” we would have on our otherwise very plain vanilla ice-cream cones once a month at the Carvel on E233rd in the Bronx: exciting to look at and full of possibilities. Here’s to hundreds and thousands of possibilities, babe!

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