middle name schmiddle name….

(yes, that’s me…)


Yup, you heard it here first. Sorry about that. You can flail and weep and beat your breasts(but just don’t hurt yourself) and even have a mass attack on twitter(which is what’s currently happening as I type this) but it’s not going to change the facts. I have ONE first name, and ONE last name.

Joanne Foster.


And even then, I only ever get called by my ‘full’ name(if you can even call it full??) when I’m in trouble, so it’s not often the words JOANNE FOSTER echo out across a crowded room… Yeah, you guessed it, I’m never in trouble. WIN. (Ok, that’s potentially a *white* lie, but we’ll cover lying in another post shall we…)

My sister is Katherine Anne. I like it. My mum’s name is Anne, hence the link I gather… (smart as I am.) My brother is Robert James, although we have allllllways called him Jamie. And me, well, I’m the MIDDLE child, WITH NO MIDDLE NAME. The irony surrounding this situation truly alarms me.

I have totally asked my parents about this.


And here’s their response. (Which I might add, is romantic and lovely and wistful, JUST DON’T GET SUCKED IN.)

“Joanne is strong enough on it’s own”

“Jo is from John(my dad’s name) and anne is from Anne(mum) and put them together and you get: YOU!”

Yeah, roll of the eyes…and all that jazz…

But, as alarmed as all this ‘lack-of-middle-name makes me, I LIKE MY NAME. Not the Joanne, because I always feel like I’m in trouble…. (and I never am, remember)

The ‘Jo’.

I like it. I like HER. My mum used to tell me she LOVED the character Jo from ‘Little Women’ and always wanted a daughter named Jo. My dad didn’t want to give me such a short name, so they compromised, made it Joanne, and then promptly proceeded to just call me Jo, or Jojo, for the rest of eternity.

I like Jo. And I like Jojo even more. Call me either and we’re good.

Just call me.


4 thoughts on “middle name schmiddle name….

  1. I still think it’s good not to have a middle name and I’m happy not to have one.
    Could be worse, I gave my identical twin daughters the same middle name.
    Melanie Jane Rochfort and Natalie Jane Rochfort.
    Wonder if that makes me hypocritical?
    Anyway, they like their names and I like mine, so all good 🙂
    Ian Rochfort.

    • I’m still laughing at your ‘who needs a second rectum’ comment!!! Thank you! And I’m sure the double Janes are happy with their names!! xxx

  2. My youngest daughter (known as “oops” throughout my pregnancy for obvious reasons) does not have a middle name although her two older sisters have one each. The eldest is Emma Kathryn name for an aunt, and my middle daughter is Charlotte Jacqueline for my mum who died before she was born. When Lily came along we just couldn’t agree on a middle name and neither of us had a sufficiently compelling argument to insist on one…. so she is just Lily.

    Except that when she was around 4 Lily discovered that she didn’t have a middle name and demanded to know why. Needless to say she was unimpressed by our arguments. She chose Belle as her middle name in honour of her great grandfather who called her Lilybelle from the moment he met her until he died. It’s not quite official, but Lily loves her middle name and I quite love that she chose it for herself.

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