starry starry night…

I’m obsessed with the sky. Day or night. I just can’t get enough. I wake up at 0530 (yes, O five) every morning to watch the sunrise. And not just because we-just-moved-house-and-my-bedroom-balcony-has-a-fabulous-view-of-the-Harbour-Bridge-and-the-city-skyline-and-the-sun-rises-between-the-two…


During the day I watch the clouds. Constantly. I find them fascinating.

And by night, I can stand for hours and look at the stars.

I studied a little astronomy at university, and

I.  L.O.V.E.D.  it.

With all of my heart. And every. single. telescope. I could get my hands on at the time.

I particularly like stars. I like that they are so frikkin frikkin frikkin far away, and yet seemingly so close. I like that they twinkle. I really do. I’m easily entertained by them. I feel SAFE surrounded by them. I like the giganticness of ‘star talk’… and not that of ‘celebrity’ stars. The REAL deal.

Allow the following to just MESS WITH YOUR HEAD for a minute if you will….

* Astronomers measure the distance between stars in units called light-years.

* A light-year equals 9.46 million million kilometers. (Yes. Wrap your tiny finite brain around THAT.) This is the distance light travels in one year at a speed of 299,792 kilometers per second.

* The Sun(which I might remind you is a STAR…) is VERY FAR AWAY from the earth. UNDERSTATEMENT. The star nearest the sun is called Proxima Centauri. Proxima Centauri is 4.3 light-years from the Sun. That is frikkin frikkin frikkin far away…..

* The light we see from any given star on any given night, has therefore actually taken ‘x’ number of light years to travel back to earth(might I add here, in case you didn’t realise, or maybe you just ‘forgot’, you’re not seeing the ACTUAL star… just the light reflected from it….)

So you can be standing there, seeing ‘a star’, when THAT STAR MAY ALREADY BE DEAD….. It may not even exist anymore… it’s just that the light is still travelling….

WOAH. Brain hurting? Bet you never started reading this for an astronomy lesson. Apologies(although I’m not really overly sorry because I do seriously love this stuff…)

How DOES a star ‘die’?? Well, basically, it usually implodes. It runs out of fuel in its core, the core starts to cool off and all the mass starts to fall in on itself(simple explanation of a complex process).

So WHY THIS BLOG? Well, I sometimes liken us to stars… yeah, welcome back to the inside of MY head… lucky you!

I’d like to think that our earthly legacy outlasts us, our ‘light’ shines longer than the briefness that is our actual measured-out length of days…

Today is the one year anniversary of the sudden death of the brother of a friend, and so our mortality yells at me rather loudly today.

KNOW… And I mean REALLY know. That the impact of your life is far more reaching than you could possibly suspect, and more than you even sometimes care to dream.

And shine. For light years….


8 thoughts on “starry starry night…

  1. Love it, Jo. And I love the idea that our impact can shine way beyond our days in this life. That’s the kind if life I want to, am trying to, live. And it’s definitely the life you’re living, from the little I know if you from your tweets and blog. Keep twinkling and shining.

  2. I think maybe there is something in us innately that is fascinated with this…it seems like for as long as we have recorded anything, we’ve been watching the stars and speculating on their existence. I’ve always sort of wondered why!

    This stuff makes my head spin too. But in a good way!

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