It’s a good campaign.

And it makes sense. In all of life, not just in driving.

When I’m TIRED, like dog tired eyes-falling-out-of-my-skull tired, I need nature for a ‘revive’. And it has to include water. You’ll usually find me on my rock. And if you know me, you’ve heard me talk about it before….

It’s a short walk from my house.

I like to go there ALONE.

I just sit.

I usually watch the sun set.

And listen to the water lapping at the rocks below me.

Feeling the sun on my face.

Half an hour on my rock revives me like nothing else…

On the cliffs up top. Where the wind blows. And I can hear and smell the ocean.

All of my senses engaged. Fully alive. Fully revived.

Here’s some snapshots I’ve taken on or around my rock over the past few months… sharing… just coz I can. It’s my blog after all.



4 thoughts on “stop.revive.survive.

  1. Long sigh…., just looking at your photos is relaxing. I can’t wait to get away to our island and sit on the jetty to watch the clouds any time of the day but especially sunset or when I’m really revived sunrise.

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