I’m not a big fan of  ‘resolutions’.

I used to make them, in a panic, because THAT’S WHAT YOU DO…. but I never liked them.  And I used to always fail at them. And if there’s one thing I hate, it’s failing. So I stopped making them. Which didn’t help really, because then I’d just float aimlessly through my years not really sure what I was doing(ok not quite, but there’s nothing like a little dramatica…)

So I drank coffee. Ok no, I didn’t, I just really like that photo.

I stopped, and figured out WHAT resolutions *actually* are, what they’re NOT, and WHY they’re important. And now, each year, I determine to be RESOLUTE about some stuff that’s important to me.

Resolute:Admirably purposeful, determined, and unwavering‘.  ‘Characterized by firmness and determination, as with temper, spirit, actions‘.

I LIKE THAT. I reckon that’s a good way to live: purposeful and determined and unwavering about certain things.  These things.

* to see * truly see. like 20/20 vision even. the hurting. the broken. the cheerful. the strong. the homeless. the wealthy. the child. the dying man. there’s much to learn from all. everyONE deserves to be seen.

* to hear * like with the most insane hearing aid available to mankind. i don’t want to miss what people are REALLY saying.

* to feel * all of life. the good the bad and the ugly. full expression of all of it. i want to feel it all. i need vulnerability to do that well.

* to speak * encouragement. life. hope. joy. laughter. support. grace. tenderness. wisdom. advice. life and death is in the power of the tongue. yup.

* to taste * bitter, sour, sweet… all of it. they all mean something important. each brings something different to my life. flavour. i want to truly taste them all.

So I’m resolving, with all of my possible resolve, to embrace all that 2011 may bring my way, fully alive, fully engaged, through all of my senses…

: live. laugh. love. always :

My hope is the same for you. BRING IT ON. xxxx

[And yes, I DO also have specific measurable goals too… that’s just a different blog post.]


2 thoughts on “resolute

  1. I reeeeaaaalllllyyyy like this post Jo. It’s got everything in there that I need to take me wholly into 2011. Thanks for the reminders – and yes, everyONE deserves to be seen, acknowledged…. I looked at all your photos yesterday and thought ‘we seem similar’. We’re probably not 🙂 , but you have the same eye that I do through the lense and I enjoyed capturing a snapshot of your life for while – thanks. I wonder what you’re doing tonight. Whatever it is, I hope it’s with someone you love, somewhere you like, doing something you enjoy. Happy New Year Jo!

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