i woke with a swollen eye. wth. so naturally my world came to an end, and i whinged and complained about it heartily. it was probably a small spider bite, or even a crazy mozzie(btw if i ruled the world there would be no such thing as buzzy mozzies or evil arachnids. just sayin) but it may as well have been armageddon for me the way i carried on.

yes, that’s my ridiculous swollen eye…

i hauled my broken sorry self out of the house, and ventured up the street, knowing that absolutely everyone would obviously be staring at my bulging eye. and my housemate who said ‘it doesn’t look too bad’ was clearly blind as seventeen bats in a coma…

i made it to my local corner cafe and slunk into the seat. still swollen and battered, and aware that everyone was surely talking about me in whispered tones… ‘see that girl? zomg. poor thing.’

i ordered, and sat reading the newspaper. zoned out. incidently, this was a scheduled ‘me’ day. much needed as i’d been feeling ‘peopled out’… so i wasn’t wanting to engage with anyone, and especially now that i looked like i had been in a brawl in cronulla on new years eve.

i looked up when someone brought my juice over, and i caught the eye(see what i did there) of the man sitting across from me. well. he needed no encouragement, and launched into a conversation. which i was not thrilled to leap into. didn’t he know my eye was swollen, and i was having a ‘me’ day?

once i focussed properly, i learnt his name was bill, and he was 82 years old. and he was incredibly cool. he certainly didn’t look 82, and i told him so. he said ‘thanks. but there’s so much you can’t see. i’m definitely 82…’ and he proceeded to tell me that he has macular degeneration(usually affects older adults – loss of vision in the centre of your visual field) and he’s losing his sight.

frick. there’s nothing like a ‘slap-in-the-face-get-over-yourself’ to bring you out of your ridiculousness. and the irony of the eyes.


a swollen eye is not macular degeneration…

there’s always something to be thankful for. and there’s always someone worse off than me. and you.

i’m not whinging about my swollen eye anymore(and the swelling is going down i might add. antihistamines are full of win).

i am in awe of bill and his life’s story.

i’m grateful that our paths crossed.

even briefly.

in a corner cafe.

over a wooden table and a glass of juice he brought perspective to my day.

…life is good… and perspective is essential…


8 thoughts on “perspective

  1. Honey, every time, every *single* time I read your blog I feel grounded, as you kindly and gently lead both yourself and me back to the What Is, instead of the crazy world of What We Think Or Wish It To Be. Love it. x

  2. Oh perspective is SO essential. We all get lost in the day to day shit.

    My mum had macular degeneration and the confidence kick in the guts it gave her, especially catching a bus and going into town (the little independent things) took a massive toll on her.

    You are amazing what you do each day. And you are beautiful inside and out.

    Thanks for giving me a well needed wake up. xx

  3. Perspective is certainly something we can’t have enough of. No matter what, someone, somewhere is doing it way tougher than we are. Quite often we don’t have to look to far to find that someone. Love your posts Jo. xxx

  4. I know someone who has macular degeneration.

    There’s actually 2 sorts ~ wet + dry.

    Both are crap but the wet is worse, and that’s what they have.

    Who knows how long they’ll be relatively visual for ~ we have our doubts about their level of sight now, and think that they are just denying their situation and the independance that they must surrender.

    Hopefully there’ll be a cure soon.

    Glad your eye issue was ‘just’ a mozzie.

    J x

    • oooo, so sad Janey… 😦
      it’s a horrible thing. I’d vaguely heard of it, but didn’t know much until this beautiful man shared his story…

      Hopefully there’ll be a cure soon xxx

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