I meditate.

Every day.

Well, usually every day… I’d say five days out of seven on average. Ok, so most days. And I’ve been doing it for years.

Firstly, it’s not weird. FYI. And secondly, it’s not hard. Meditation, as defined by the dictionary, is an ‘act of contemplation, reflection’. That’s it. That’s the basics. And I say ‘KISS’: ‘Keep it simple stupid’. If I’m looking for something to help me manage my life, I certainly don’t want something complicated. Which is why this works.

Meditating involves training your mind to stop, and focus on something you’ve determined beforehand. It involves focussing as a method of relaxation. And, well, focus. Some people use meditation for spiritual purposes also. Whatever floats your boat hey. If it works for you, go for it.

Me, I know meditating is a saving grace.

And by know I mean KNOW.

Here’s why:

It calms me. It stills me. It makes me stop. Like really stop. And when I really stop, then I can start up again with my head in the right space for my day to flow. It ‘declutters’ me. Me-of-the-analytical-mind always has fifty thousand things running through my head, and meditating breaks that down and shuts everything out. THAT is a daily salvation for me. Truly.

And here’s how:

Because it’s internal, and personal, you can meditate anywhere, any time… I usually meditate on my rock, at sunset. Or on my balcony in the early morning sun. Sometimes it’s in the midst of a packed bus, and I just shut my eyes. But I prefer being outdoors. My rock is my favourite spot. Or on the beach. Early in the morning, or later in the evening, I usually have the sun shining directly on my face. I love it. That calms me straight away. I just sit. And smile. And focus. On whatever it is I’ve already decided I’m focussing on. Sometimes that’s the same thing for days in a row. Sometimes it changes daily. Depends. But there’s always something very specific I’m meditating on. I don’t cross my legs and hold my fingers together. You might. Go for it. That’s just not my thing. But I do get very quiet. And very still. And very internal.

I love it. Truly.

Try it. And let me know what you think.


5 thoughts on “meditating

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  2. I was sceptical about meditating but tried it a few years ago after a yoga class and could not believe how good it made me feel – just so calm and refreshed. Its magic.

  3. I love this post. I was thinking of starting to meditate and I am so glad you have written about it. I think I kind of do it now anyway by taking moments out every now and then to reflect and be thankful. It calms me too and helps create balance in life 🙂

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