I’m a hoarder. Like ridiculously so.

Truly. Ask my housemates. Ok, no don’t… I’ll just tell you myself. I have two boxes sitting in the corner of my room. Stuff I’m in the process of ‘getting rid of’. But they just sit there. I’m sentimental like that. There’s memories in the boxes. Funny thing is, I don’t need to actually KEEP the stuff to keep the memories… yeah, I know it, but I still can’t action it.

I also have two boxes at my parent’s place in South Africa that they aren’t allowed to throw out because I want… I neeeeed them. But then, I’ve lived in Australia for 13 years and the boxes aren’t with me, so how much neeeeed am I truly needing? Um. NONE.

One thing I hoard big time is photos. Photos are like smells for me. Instantly take me to a time and place. I love reminiscing. You’ll probably never be able to pursuade me to get rid of my photos. I have stacks. I have frames all over my room. Then I have a photo board. And a HUGE framed photo collage that I made a few years ago. Let alone the countless online albums in iphoto and the likes….

(that’s my great grandmother… clearly also a photo hoarder… onya grand granny I say!)

I hoard cards, and notes too. I have a box(albeit a small-ish one) full of cards and notes that people have given me over the years. I love them. I keep them. I don’t really look at them all until I go to add another pile to the box, and then I reminisce through four or five of them, and reassure myself that I will spend time looking at them all in the very near future… of course… which I never do.

So, in trying to stop my hoarding of so many material things, and to help me let go of my ‘stuff’ a little easier, here’s the beginnings of my short list – not exhaustive by any means – of:

things to hoard that definitely should be hoarded’:

love. Hoard it. Absorb it and never let it go. Love from your family. Love from your friends. The love of just being alive.

cuddles. Hoard them all I say! I love a cuddle. Snuggles on the couch. Cuddles with newborns. Hug children. Hug your family. Hug people you met. Freak them right out. Physical touch is SO important. And hoard those hugs. May your ‘hug count’ be rich and winsome.

* the legacy of your family before you. Hoard the good stuff. Stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before you so that your family members still to come can go further and do more than you can possibly dream…

* relationships. Be wise about which ones you hoard, but hoard the good ones. Relationships rock. What would life be without the people in it….

wisdom. Get it. And then hoard it. It will serve you well. Surely I need say no more on that one.

energy. Exercise. Move. Get out and about. You sow energy you reap energy. Sounds ridiculous, but it’s true. Do it. Hoard it. Savour it. It will help to make life GREAT.

grace. Make sure you have enough so that there’s always some to extend. Everyone needs grace. Every day.

…these are the things that cannot be taken by floods, famine or fire, or moth or rust….



3 thoughts on “hoarding.

  1. Jo,

    I like your list of things that should be hoarded.

    Unfortunately magazines commemorating the life and death of Diana, Princess of Wales (that I may or may not have) don’t make that list!

    I’ll still hold onto them… though I have no idea why.

    I’ll keep them along with other random sentimental keepsakes and photos that are also in boxes under the stairs.

    Even though these ‘things’ are physically packed away, it’s funny how a few boxes give me a sense of peace and security just knowing that they’re there.

    J x

    • Ha! I hear ya! I *may* have newspapers from when Mandela was released from prison, and the day I finished high school… And possibly a clipping or two about Celine from days gone by!! It does bring a little comfort. In a random way, coz it’s not like I know them! Love ya!

  2. Ah Jo! I can hoard all of those things! Photos, cards, letters, postcards, theatre stubs, bits and pieces from a time gone by… I have boxes that i eventually sort through, and most of the contents end up in another box just for keeps! I’ll throw them out/get ruthless next time….

    As for your list of essential hoarding… you’re a wise woman Jo Foster. Glad to (kinda) know you! THanks for your blog!

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