brainy type things.

Someone quoted this the other day, and I laughed. Hard.

“My limbic system (my innate drives & emotionality) is often at war with my prefrontal cortex (my rational & logical thinking)”

Yup. There it is in a nutshell. It’s true.

A constant yo-yo. A yanking from either end of the scale, with a strong tension in the middle. A war. Exactly.

Or, maybe it’s just me… and my control freak tendancies.

I must admit, I struggle with that tension. Always trying to pull myself away from the emotionality, and lean towards logic. And rational thinking. Because surely that’s ‘the right thing to do’. I mean, who wants to be around someone who just goes with their innate drives, and basal human functions… but then again, who wants to be around people who aren’t ever spontaneous, and instinctive at least once in a while?

So now I think that the tension is a GOOD thing. I’m probably supposed to be living in the middle of that tension.

And if I let go of my control-freakishness, and just camped happily right there in the middle, I’d probably be doing myself, my limbic system, and my prefrontal cortex a huge favour.

So here I go! Happy camping commences now…


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