‘Straya Day.

I love Australia Day.

In fact:


Twitter has been awash today with some hilarious pictures and descriptions of ‘average’ Australians celebrating Australia Day. Some of the pictures of different foods have had me giggling all day…

And why enjoy it alone I say. So here you go. I’m sharing some pics. And leaving the best for last.

This picture was tweeted this morning by Melissa Doyle saying “800kgs of chocolate cake. Happy Australia Day!” And I love it!

This one came from Kristine Howard “How’s that for a patriotic dessert? It’s Sydney Harbour on a pavlova!”

And I couldn’t NOT share this! Vegemite ice cream?!?! There could be NOTHING more Australian – although, I can certainly wait to taste it… thanks Lana for this somewhat painful image!!

But the thing which has impacted me the most today is this last image…

Tweeted by Helen McCabe this afternoon, with a tag line reading: “How’s this for a nice Aussie Day gesture. Found at a local hangout for a homeless man.”

A picture says a thousand words.

This is Australia. WE are Australia.

And if we call Australia home, all the  ‘Rons’ belong to us too….

Happy ‘Straya Day Ron.


10 thoughts on “‘Straya Day.

  1. Jo, you’re the best. Pure and simple.

    And your line about all the Rons belonging to us all? Well, holy cow, you made me burst with pride. Thank you for the goodness that beams out of you. The world could do with more Jo’s.

    PS Pretty rocking pavlova too *makes mental note for next year*

  2. How is the pavlova Australian? It was invented in NZ, and that one even has kiwifruit on it. KIWIfruit!

    Still, we’ll let you have Russell Crowe (we don’t really want him back).

    • Um, with a (russian??) name like pavlova, I highly doubt the pav is from New Zealand either! But nice try on trying to claim it 🙂 ha ha….

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