you can hear more with your feet on the couch.

Yesterday afternoon, for four hours, I drank soda water from a wine glass. With my feet on a couch. And listened to GREAT music. And just chilled. I wrote, I read, I thought, I spoke(a little). But essentially,


That’s right. No diving. No jumping. No emails. No laptop. No phone. No nothing.

And in my chilling-ness, at one stage Gillian Welch was singing forth to me gloriously.


Because I was chilling.

My theory is that you ‘hear’ more when your feet are on the couch. [And yes, that’s just a metaphor for being relaxed.] Having your feet up means you’re relaxed. You’re not heading off in a rush. You’ve slowed down a little. You’re ‘chilling’…

so you HEAR…

This was the first line of one of Gillian’s songs:

“There’s got to be a song left to sing, coz everybody can’t have thought of everything”

I love it. It’s true.

There’s something in each of us that is not thought of yet.
Sing it out.



4 thoughts on “you can hear more with your feet on the couch.

  1. Love it!

    How I feel about this posting is exactly the same as all your others Jo, conversational, intimate and inspirational.

    I’ve never ‘got’ so much from somebody who isn’t a friend – and that’s the ultimate magic of blogging.

    We don’t know each other Jo, but you’re right where my head’s at plus I love your story telling.

    Thanks for constantly surprising and delighting me and giving me so much – without us even being friends.


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