three things i think every day.

There are three things i think every day. Every SINGLE day.

And, in no particular order, here they are:

1. Bloody hell, do I have to brush my teeth again?

Brushing teeth is not always as fun as it looks in that photo. (Nor do I usually partake in group teeth-brushing activities. That was a definite exception to the rule…)

I don’t know about you, but I find the ritual of brushing my teeth boring. I don’t mind washing my hair, or putting my contact lenses in. I do those frequently also. But the teeth thing? Not so much fun.

However, just so you know, I do it anyway.

2. The sun better be shining so I can go to the beach.

It’s a serious one. I think it every day. As soon as my eyes open. I look out the window and check the weather.

Um, no, that’s not the view from my room. Unforts. That was the view from my towel on the beach at the Intercontinental hotel in Bora Bora. Oh my… I do urgently need to go back there….

So, no, I don’t go to *this* beach when I think of going to the beach every day. But I do need sunshine. And I do go to the beach. Almost every day. Otherwise I turn ferral. Honestly. I do. So I’m constantly wondering when my next ‘beach fix’ will be.

3. When is my ‘me’ time today?

I do well alone. I do well with people too, just occassional bouts of them. In a day, I need solitude, and ‘me’ time. Otherwise that’s another ferral for the Jojo…

I read. I write in my journal. I blog. I listen to music. I hand write notes to friends. I chill out. It refuels me. I thrive on it.

I need it.

I’m sure these are considered neurotic tendancies in some fields, but hey. It’s me. Just sharing….


2 thoughts on “three things i think every day.

  1. I am with you on all of them except the beach. However if I lived near the beach I definitely would want to go there everyday – even if to just sit and smell the sea air. I do crave sunshine & fresh air everyday and try to get out into my garden, even if only for 10 minutes. Today I will make sure I find some me time – as much as I crave it, I very rarely take it.

  2. ME time is my most important time now I have finally stopped teaching.. However, with the grandkids and husband care, along with contact with my elderly dad I do HAVE to plan it Denyse!!
    And if I lived near a beach.. Or could view the water each day then I have found my place of peace!!

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