my bucket list. and by ‘b’ i mean ‘f’…

There are some things I  just. don’t. give. a. rats. arse. about.

Truly. I kid you not. These are the things I pop into my ‘b’ucket and steer faaaaar away from as much as possible…

Here we go:

Ladder climbing. And not in the sense of *actual* ladder climbing, because I do find real ladders quite fun. I mean ladder climbing in the sense of corporate ambition/greed. And ladder climbing in the sense of knocking others off the rungs while you climb. It’s not pretty. Or right. (IMO.)

A ‘self-made’ man. What? There’s no such thing. No man is an island… Nobody does it alllll on their own. Life is full of people….

Olives. Yes. The food. I reallllllly don’t like them. Truly. I get scared of them even touching the rest of my salad…. Sorry to all the avid olive fans.

Status symbols. I’m not fussed about the kind of car I drive. Or anyone else. As long as we can get from A to B, and possibly even C if we need to, then I’m good. Similarly, I’m not overly fussed or impressed by a house, or a ‘second’ house… I’m all for character, regardless of someone’s multiple(or lack of) post codes.

Age. Doesn’t phase me. It’s not a status symbol. It doesn’t ensure respect. I know I can learn as much from a 3 year old as I can from a 93 year old. If I choose to. The broad spectrum of life impresses me. EveryONE has a story…

Money. I’m not phased by it. It’s just a tool. I’ve never ever taken a job ‘for the money’. I can’t rest my heart on a bank statement….

Cold weather. I’m not a fan. I need sunshine to keep me from getting the irrits. This is most probably why I don’t live in Europe. Oh, and also because I absolutely love Australia…

Being first in line. I just don’t care. As long as I still get where I’m supposed to be going, I don’t need to be first in line… Having said that, I don’t like queues at all.

Sexual orientation. I’m not fussed by people’s sexual orientation. I have plenty of heterosexual and gay friends. I get annoyed by snap judgements made on people because of their sexual orientation. Seriously.

Closed (and high-heeled) shoes. Apologies to my gender. Especially if you’re a heels girl. I just detest them. I don’t like tottering around. I also don’t like closed shoes. I can’t be creative with my feet closed in. Random, but true. I wear thongs 99% of the year. Even in winter, unless it’s WAY cold… Freedom for the feet I say.

Frogs. I don’t mind spiders, or other creepies… but frogs I seriously don’t love. Too slimey, and noisy. And bullfrog/toad type creatures make me want to cry.

That’s the beginnings of my ‘b’ucket list…


4 thoughts on “my bucket list. and by ‘b’ i mean ‘f’…

  1. Love your bucket list and writing Jo, some definite overlaps there and reading someone else’s reasons always makes me question my views and perspectives. Thank you.

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