Roots. Um, no, not as in sex….

I’ve been thinking about roots. Yeah, yeah. OF THE PLANT TYPE PEOPLE….

But more than of the plant type. Also the ouchy human type. Like, for example, a root of bitterness. Or offence.  Or greed. Or anything really… what’s your vice?

Not so fun.

What do roots do?

Well, they absorb and store water and nutrients, and they anchor the plant body to the ground (that’s my short biology lesson for you…)

Anchoring is good if you’re a plant. And also if you’re a human, and anchoring yourself in the good stuff…

Not so good if you’re rooting yourself(hmmm, don’t go there…) in not such good stuff.

Roots take hold. They’re pretty aggressive. They have to be. It’s about survival. There’s a strength there, and a steadfastness. And once they’re in, they’re there for the long haul. Truly. Ask anyone who has had to try to redeem a discarded garden…

And it’s OH SO MUCH HARDER to get rid of something that is very firmly planted than something only recently scattered across a field…

Let’s be cautious with what we take on board. What we let ‘grow’ in our life. What we’re allowing to be an anchor for us.

Remember those roots absorb things, and fuel us… So what we’ve allowed to anchor us, will nourish us…

If it’s bitterness, or offence, that’s what will fuel you. And drive you. Which is really not so fun if you think about it.

I’m learning to let go of things. I’m learning to choose what anchors and fuels me. Where my roots are. And what my roots hold…

I’m learning to deal with stuff before it takes a firm grip on my heart.

Before I have to try to disentangle my heart and risk tearing it even harder in the process.



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