photo phriday (also known in the real world as friday)

It’s Friday.

I deem it Photo Friday. Or ‘Phriday’ even, just to make it work better for me. And potentially, there will be plenty of Phridays on this blog where I will upload random photos.

Feel free to enjoy them thoroughly. Yes? Yes.

So, in honour of the inaugural Photo Phriday: THIS.

I was holidaying in Cape Town, South Africa, when I took this photo. Our villa (I kid you not) gave us this view over Camps Bay beach at sunset:

…and yes, those are two whales playing in the bay, right next to the kayaks…

All was joyous at the villa. And beautiful. And peaceful.

And each time we came and went, the ‘witchcraft’ sign would greet us at the gates of the villa.

We laughed about it. And we took a photo. And we also never got robbed. Which happens a bit in South Africa (understatement).

So maybe it worked….

Happy Photo Phriday #1 to you.

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