smiling: my favourite sport.

I’ve smiled lots lately. It’s one of my favourite activities.

– The Zozo and the Jojo –

My favourite almost-ten-year-old possum Zoe Jewel Zschech makes me smile a lot. She calls us “april twins”. Our birthdays are 27 days(and multiplied years) apart. She also calls us Zozo and Jojo. Which I love. She is smile material to the power of infinity.

These things have also brought a smile to my face lately:

Haloumi :: Bare feet :: Bondi sunshine on my shoulders :: Watching Demi Joy Hope learning to walk :: Sipping tea in the bathtub :: Learning about cocaine bears(I promise, it’s not what it seems) :: Multiple Gertrude and Alice lunch dates ::  Twitter hilarity :: Wearing my hair down :: Brunch dates with friends :: Sunrise photos from the BOJ :: My friends’ ‘quitting sugar’ questions :: Balmain coffee dates :: Kids jumping in the swimming pool :: Painting my toenails :: Taking photos :: Reading “The sound of a wild snail eating” :: High-fiving a stranger in Woolies :: Drinking smoothies jam-packed with goodness :: New music that moves me :: Turning off my light at bedtime ::

And: THIS. Ridiculousness in a can. My twitter husband Sam, being ’email interviewed’ by our twitter matchmaker Joi. So winsome. It made me laugh. A lot.

You can go read the rest of the interview here.

Make sure you’re smiling at all the little things… when you add them up, you’ll be smiling all day. xx


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