uni days.

I had fun at uni.

Well, yeah. As much of it as I can remember, it was fun. Admittedly, much of it is also a complete vodka-induced blur. When I think about it now, I’m horrified at how we lived… what we ate, how we drank (did I mention I used to take vodka to class in my ‘water’ bottle?) and how we partied.

I studied teaching. Majored in education, minored in psych. And SOMEHOW, I managed to graduate with distinction. And receive job offers… who knows how. To the point where my FIRST job straight out of uni was at the ‘exclusive’ Ascham Girls School in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs.

Anyway, back to uni, where we partied. EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. We went out. Mine was one of only three cars, in a group of fifteen friends who ALWAYS went out together. So I ‘had’ to go along. To be a driver of course. Although, I still drank. We were young. And stupid. And in South Africa(the laws didn’t seem to count as much there…) My little blue VW bug used to fit six/sometimes seven people inside it, and we’d scream down streets all jumping out and swapping seats at red traffic lights… as you do.

Sometimes I was one of the three muskateers. As evidenced by my mask, and sword in the picture above. I’m not sure about the doona. Let’s not go there. And sometimes I was a pirate, as you’ll see below… No, I don’t know why…

I just remember we used to play dress ups. A lot. And drink. A lot.

I once got concussed in a night club. Someone on stage was doing a ‘giveaway’ and threw a glass bottle(WHY?) of beer into the crowd. I was slightly tipsy(understatement) and I remember just watching as the bottle came flying straight into my head.

It hurt. I fell down. My forehead was cut, and swelled up immediately, and I was bleeding. I had to have skull x-rays, and be under observation for twelve hours, and the next few days were NOT fun. My parents were away that week(luckily) so they never saw my head. And I never told them… (um, mum if you’re reading this, I HAVE grown up, I promise…)

We also had a friend get shot(yes SHOT. Like with a gun) in the stomach by an angry ex one night. In our residence.

And my friend Ang(that’s Ang in the middle of the pirate photo above) and I even had to sit before a disciplinary committee and plead our case to avoid being charged with breaking and entering at one point… LONG STORY….

Yup. Those were the days.

We were young. And stupid. And invincible. In our own minds.

But we had a blast. There was no way we could fail. No way something would go wrong. No way each night wasn’t going to be tons of fun. No way we weren’t going to all get home in one piece. And no way we couldn’t succeed.

Sometimes, I feel like I need to take a leaf from that book again… where anything is possible.

And I’m invincible.

And nothing can go wrong.

Because Life, IS awesome. xxx



One thought on “uni days.

  1. That post just made my day! Especially the VW, red traffic light game. How we survived I will never know! Thanks for the memories Jo-Jo xoxox

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