somedays, I’m the ram.

I was reading books in my favourite bookshop cafe in Bondi(again)… It was raining outside, and I was curled up on the big green couch in my little corner of heaven….

And I started reading about Aries. Glad I picked that star sign to read about, seeing as that’s what I am.

A ram. Nice one. Somebody has a sense of humour…

I learnt a bunch of stuff. Some I knew already, and some I did not. But it’s all VERY MUCH ME. That’s for sure…

So here you go. This is me. Officially.

Personal creed: “I am”. Um, yeah…
Element: fire YEEEAH.
Energy: cardinal
Psychological type: intuitive it’s a pro and a con. all of the time. when you can see straight through someone.
Colour: red but not my hair.
Body part: head
Gemstone: diamond bonus
Metal: iron
Flowers: thistle, honeysuckle, red poppy, geranium, ginger, clove I do like most of these, although I don’t like the word thistle… eeuw.
Food: plain and simple

Arians are open minded, enthusiastic, individualistic, alert, outspoken, quick to act and speak, ambitious, candid, generous, adventurous, energetic, pioneering, courageous, confident, and quick-witted. I’d like to be known as quick-witted.

Arians are also: selfish, quick tempered, impulsive, impatient, foolhardy, poor followers. Yup. Ouch.

Arians love action, coming first, challenges, championing causes, spontaneity.

Can’t stand: waiting around, humouring fools, admitting failure, tyranny, other people’s advice. TRUE. Again…

Aries make courageous leaders, with genuine and gentle concern for those they command. Usually they are convinced they have better ways to do things. And usually they do. Arians spend lots of time thinking(OH YES) things through and can come up with some very laterally-minded solutions. Therefore they can be obstinate about obeying instructions. Arians need people to explain the reasons for doing something.

Aries believe all their ideas are original(as if they wouldn’t be). They are new souls. They are very rarely cynical or world weary. This makes them attractive to others, and also makes their egocentricities amusing. Amusing??!!

Arians have immense energy. Not so much when they’re thirty something… This makes them feel superior to others, as they can keep going for longer. This also makes them headstrong, quick tempered, and a little aggressive. So sorry! Arians don’t hold grudges though, as they are the first flame and the heat doesn’t last long. VERY TRUE, luckily.

Arians are hopelessly optimistic. Yup. They are easily irritated by slowness or moderation. Oh yes…

At work: they make great salesmen, musicians, song writers. They have terrific people skills, and can talk themselves into any job. They find it easy to chop and change at will, and their restless minds wander quickly. They should be wary of being a ‘Jack of all trades’. OUCH. That’s so me.

Aries rules the head. This means typical health complaints can include toothache, heatstroke, sunstroke, eye troubles, anaemia. I get all of these…

Healing music for Aries is music in the key of D sharp. I’m yet to check this theory… I’ll get back to you.

Aries don’t value posessions that much, and can appear quite monastic. Just call me ‘Sister Jo’…

Aries love books on philosophy and ideas. Or music gifts. TRUE.

Famous Arians include: Leonardo da Vinci. Houdini. Matthew Broderick. Maya Angelou. Aretha Franklin. Sarah Jessica Parker. Tarantino. Elle McPherson. Warren Beatty. Eric Clapton. Celine Dion(I love Celine!) Hans Christian Anderson. Robert Downey Jnr. Kofi Annan. David Letterman. Charlie Chaplin.

Um, yeah. This is sooo me…

How about you?


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