head spinner-outerer.

I was sitting all cosy in the big green couch at Gertrude and Alice (my favourite bookshop/cafe spot in Bondi) as I do… browsing through piles of books. I usually find myself in the ‘rare’ book section. I love looking at books with history. Books that have been handled by lots of people over the years. I love thinking about the stories of the people who have owned and loved these books.

But this time I just picked up the first book next to me. It was titled “Sexing Cherries”. Shhh. WHO KNOWS WHY. It was hardly the greatest choice, but I was bemused(humour my adolescence please) and I picked it up.

The first thing I read was this:

The Hopi, an Indian tribe, have a language as sophisticated as ours, but no tenses for past, present and future. The division does not exist. What does this say about time?

Matter, that thing the most solid and well-known, which you are holding in your hands and which makes up your body, is now known to be mostly empty space. Empty space and points of light. What does this say about the reality of the world?

Ok woah. I know, right?

Head spinner.

I love it.


Pause and think calmly on that…


7 thoughts on “head spinner-outerer.

  1. I’ll tell you what I think it means…it means that the Hopis live in the moment.
    It’s something I’ve been coming up against A LOT in the past three weeks and here it is again


    N x

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