oh humanity.

The human spirit is ABSOLUTELY ASTOUNDING to me.

Floods, cyclones, earthquakes… the likes of which we’ve just never experienced, have pounded the Asia-Pacific rim(and much of the globe) shamelessly and relentlessly for the past few months, and just when you feel like one thing is finally over, the next comes, even more ferocious and bastardly horrific than the last.



And yet. Humans are amazing. The tenacity, and strength, and compassion, and persistance, and leadership, and assistance, and generosity of humanity has astounded me time and again. I watch the news, or see on twitter, or in a newspaper, or on a blog, the most incredible acts of bravery, and I am constantly overwhelmed by the amazingness of people.

Floods wash away cars, and men and women risk their lives to pull others from sinking vehicles. Cyclones uproot houses, and men and women fight the storm to rescue the lost and the injured. Earthquakes shake cities, and men and women risk their lives to pick through the rubble for survivors…

Those with nothing left find SOMETHING within themselves, and volunteer to help clean up cities, to help feed and clothe, and even just to hug, others with nothing left….

And it’s not just in huge devastation. I see the power of the human spirit in everyday life too.

The man dying of cancer who makes a video declaring his love for his family. Stretching beyond himself, to extend himself, to show them something of himself… The mum who has lost a husband to suicide, who holds her children, and finds a depth of strength not known to herself, to carry on just one more day. My beautiful friend who just had a stroke, who still extends herself every single day to raise money for children in orphanages in another country. The child soldier who digs deep and finds it within themselves to forgive their oppressors and turn their life around. These are real people. AMAZING people. Ordinary PEOPLE.

While there’s life within us, there’s always hope. There is ALWAYS hope.

And there is strength. Even just for this one day.

Human beings are ridiculously awesome.

THAT, is what I know to be true…

“Courage is the discovery that you may not win, and trying when you know you could lose.”


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