money money money (thanks ABBA)

I grew up going to Sunday School as a kid. Anyone remember flannel graphs? I loved them. Yes, I was an eighties Sunday School kid… big shout out to Psalty the Singing Songbook and friends.

(That’s me, shorty with the pig tails, hangin’ with Jesus and my mates at Sunday School)

At Sunday School, we were taught to ‘tithe’. I still hate the word. It’s so religious. And I don’t do religion very well at all.

But it’s a novel concept really. Bear with me.

Basically, it means: 10% of what you have you ‘give’ to God. Can I be honest? I wasn’t a fan. I can be pretty stingy by nature, and I have to work hard to look beyond myself. Selfish. Ouchskies. So therefore, this concept was

* particularly good for someone like me...

Giving away 10% of what’s MINE taught me to live a little more loosely, to extend my(hopefully open without needing to be pried) hand towards others a little more freely, to not get so ‘precious’ with MY stuff…

Mostly tithing seems to be about money. But when you’re learning to let go of money – IT’S JUST MONEY – then that freedom from clinging to ‘stuff’ flows across the rest of your life too, by default. Win, I say.

And let’s be honest. It’s not like God NEEDS my money. If He did, I’d be concerned about His ‘God-ness’…. It’s obviously more about what this act of giving does in me. That’s the point…

So these days I’m a fan. Although I still hate the word. But hey. Call it whatever the hell you like, I couldn’t care less. The principle of the matter stands.


Giving to others creates breathing space in my own life. When I’m not holding on so tightly to ‘my’ everything, I’m not so tense. I can relax.

So I’m learning to live with my hands wide open. Letting stuff flow through my life, be it money, or clothes, or giving away my lunch to homeless people in the park, or just other generic STUFF, instead of it stagnating with me.

And apparently it’s a ‘trendy’ way to live these days. Seems like lots of people are jumping on the minimalist band wagon of down-sizing their lives, giving away their money, and donating their STUFF to charities, as they realise they JUST. DON’T. NEED. IT. ALL.

They don’t call it ‘tithing’. But then, neither do I. Like I said: I hate that word.

But it still works… it’s powerful. It’s GENEROSITY…

“A generous person will prosper. Whoever refreshes others will himself be refreshed.”


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