photo phriday: Hermanus Harbour

One of my favourite spots on the planet….

Hermanus. In the Western Cape. South Africa. It used to be a sparsely populated retiree-type town. Now, a bustling hive of tourism, with a massive throng descending on the town from June through September, as it’s known as one of THE best whale-watching spots on the planet.

There are twelve kilometres of cliff paths, with footpaths, and benches to sit(with wine and cheese of course) and watch the whales play, and watch the sunset or sunrise…

This shot is taken of the ‘old harbour’ (forefront) looking across to Hermanus town centre, and the suburbs beyond…

It is glorious.

It is my sanctuary.




One thought on “photo phriday: Hermanus Harbour

  1. Wow.
    Just wow.
    What a sanctuary.
    You can go ‘back’ anytime looking at this, and in your
    daydreams…and perhaps in the day nightmares…(work?!)
    My place like that is Palm Cove Qld.
    Everyone needs a sanctuary.
    Thanks for sharing this special place, Jo!

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