Things that make me ME.

In all the push and pull of everyone around us, we can lose ourselves… Well, I can. You’re probably way more balanced and grounded than me.

I find it hard to sometimes STAY ‘ME’ if I feel like I’m being pulled in all directions, or if the expectations of someone else on me are not really ‘me’ at my core.

What if they laugh at my quirky habits? Or think I’m silly when I say “I need time out”?

Or dismiss me completely. Humiliation. Devastation for a perfectionist control freak. No jokes.

It’s when I find myself trying to live up to external expectations that I lose pieces of myself along the way.

And I have to remember: I’m ME. What I love to do is a huge part of what makes me who I am. When I make time and space for these things, I’m at my best for everything else. It’s crucial not to lose myself along the way…

Some things that I love, and which bring me back to being ALL OF ME, include:

* sitting on a rock overlooking water

* sunshine on my face

* lazing on couches with cups of tea and inspiring music, preferably at dusk

* watching people, and making up their life story

* listening to one song on repeat for hours at a time

* cuddling a baby

* reading a good book

* hugs. I’m a huge fan

* laughter. With good friends

* crossword puzzles, which have to be done in a very specific order

* talking to old people about life

* making up silly songs on the piano

* the sky. Anything to do with the sky. I’m a massive fan

* jigsaw puzzles. Which must be left out on the table and completed a dozen or so pieces at a time over a week or two.


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