who surrounds you?

Last weekend I spent time with several ridiculously amazing people.

This is us, sun-baking on Kerri’s roof. Fabulous.

The actual meet ups were simple enough… one was a dinner, with eight gorgeous girls. Annie shared her cleavage, Fi shared her gorgeous ‘skinny’ face, Di came bra-less(as usual. Nothing new there). Nicky shared her wine, Linda shared MANY laughs, while Sarah conveniently *forgot* to share her new pink handbag….

The other meet up was a breakfast, which started at nine am, with Bernalicious, Annie, Sarah P, Jayne, Di and myself. While the tragically ill Sarah L slept off her nausea in a hotel room, we laughed and talked and took photos(two angles or it didn’t happen) of everything we possibly could. Then the bum-fingered bunny-chasing nutella-loving Kerri (KSack) Sackville joined us, with Boo, who proceeded to take charge of the room with her lego blocks and baby chino.

We changed venues once, also making time for a high speed car chase through most of the Eastern suburbs, and ended ‘breakfast’ at 4pm on a white couch in a space ship house on a cliff. Live tweeting from pods. FTW.

Simple. Simple enough meet ups, but we were so consumed in the rich conversation, much frivolity, laughter and TOGETHERNESS, and the time literally flew by. On each occasion.

I know for me, each experience was incredibly special. These are people I love for who they are, for what they stand for, and for what they’re doing in life. And when you’re hanging around people who are passionate about what they do, it rubs off on you. That’s one of the rules of life.

These are inspiring people, funny people, integrous people, committed people, generous people, make-it-happen people, caring people, step-out-and-HAVE-A-GO people… they made me want to leap onto the table and declare my own upcoming awesome project of fun-ness and joy!

They refueled me. And normally, I’m not refueled by people so much. I usually need space, and water, and sun. But these guys… they ARE fuel. Fuel for the soul.

And this is but a drop in the bucket of complete awesomeness of amazing people around me. And I’m UBER grateful for their influence on me. Which is stronger than they even realise. My world is enriched because they are in it.

So who surrounds YOU?

Let it be the wise, the gentle, the funny. The inspiring, the gracious and kind… you’ll do well to have these around you….



10 thoughts on “who surrounds you?

  1. Awwwww, I have tears in my eyes because I feel EXACTLY the same. And it’s not like I don’t have my own fantastic non-internet related friends and love my space, but thank you Jo, you made my trip to Sydney so incredibly special. I didn’t have to try, it was just, I guess natural. Easy and so much fun and so, well, energetic.

    I’ve told you my husband is a bit worried about the change in me, but it’s this stuff that’s doing it. Just simply, finding some of my lost tribe. You know I will see you soon. xx

  2. That sounded and read like awesome fun and of great times.
    I surround myself by the family …the grandkids surround me, literally at times.
    Jo, after ‘last week’s work’ this weekend of awesome times was the tonic for a great re-balance. XX

  3. It’s like I could have written this myself – word for word… well not word for word because your way with words is a-licious but I hear you loud and clear.
    I draw on my friends, family, husband and daughter – all for different reasons. They all fuel me differently but I would be totally lost without them.
    I love this post Jo. It shows just how important special people in each others lives are.

    p.s. is that roof for rent? it looks like way too much fun up there!

  4. What Bern said and what you said Jo. I totally feel the same way – we had a meeting of the minds and souls and it totally refueled me also. There was something incredibly bonding about both those “meetings” and I know that we were all destined to meet. Can’t wait to see you again soon. Love your cotton socks. xx

  5. Jo you absolutely nailed it. The weekend fueled me. I met up with what one of my favourite author’s called “kindred spirits.” You absolutely are. I feel incredibly blessed to have such special friendship with you and all these wonderful, inspiring women. Thank you for your kindness to me as well.

  6. Yippee…my state of undress got a mention 🙂

    There is something special about you lot. I love my other friends. But you lot are spesh. Kindrid spirits or some such wonderful thing 🙂


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  8. Wowie… I am blessed to have read about your wonderful experiences together and hope that one day I too can experience such a meeting of minds/hearts/souls as this with my tribe… whoever they may be.
    Jo, your ability to seek out, experience and share the life’s beauty in all of its incarnations inspires me to open my eyes and enjoy each moment. Thank you for continuing to share your beautiful words. You’re a good egg x

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