35 for 35. not a maths post. or a cricket score.

35 things about me on the day I turn 35….

that’s me, back when I was a short person.

* Yes, I have been to Bora Bora. This you should know. And be jealous of. It is ridiculously glorious there, and I shall return.


* I can NOT speak many languages. I learnt Afrikaans and Northern Sotho at school in South Africa, but can’t remember a thing. I can speak English, and sometimes, not even that.

* There are days when my heart absolutely aches at things that I see or hear around me, and I feel like my body is physically being ripped apart. It’s not fun. But I also know it’s imperative in the ‘making me who I am’ part of life.

* I love to laugh. So I do it a LOT. And mostly loudly.

* I am officially addicted to the sitcom “Friends”, and have been known to watch three discs worth of episodes in one night (each disc is six episodes… you do the maths.) Also, Modern Family. YES.

* Over the years, I have, on occasion, broken both of my arms, fractured an ankle, had stitches in my knee, and had my stomach pumped at the age of two after swallowing a bottle of cough mixture. Oh, and a concussion when a glass bottle was lobbed at my head during university days. To this day, I still struggle swallowing tablets because of the thought of having something shoved down my throat from when I had my stomach pumped…

* I need (REALLY need) the beach, and sunshine, to refuel. If I don’t get them, I don’t cope. Serious.

* I used to swim for my State. And won medals in horse riding gymkhanas. And got my purple belt in karate. You should know these things. Just because they’re cool things to know.

* I stole sunglasses from an expensive store when I was in high school. I didn’t even like them, I just wanted to see if I could get away with it. I did.

* I have been given three cars in my lifetime. All blue.

* I have worn contact lenses since I was sixteen. That’s a lot of touching of eyeballs…

* I miss Bono (my dog, not the person) Although, I would miss Bono the person too, if I knew him and then didn’t see him for a while.

* The boy I had a crush on in high school became a porn star. Yup. Truly.

* I have a handful of friends that I would literally die for. Ok, maybe not actually DIE… But I do have the deepest gratitude for our friendships.

* I can’t turn my brain off. Ever. Sometimes that’s fun. Sometimes it’s really scary. That’s probably also why I love the ocean, because sometimes I need the sound of the waves to drown out my own thoughts.

* I am completely and utterly independent and selfish. Not proudly so. Just truthfully so.

* I love to travel. But not on a tour with fifty million other people. I like exploring with one or two friends. And if you say ‘tropical island’, I’ll beat you there for sure.

* It blows my mind that we can individually love so many other individuals. There’s so much space in our lives for everyone we meet. It messes with my head.

* I think it’s cool how your eyebrows catch water and stop it from running into your eyes. Clever.

* I don’t cope with scary movies. At all. They will always leave me with nightmares for eons after.

* I miss my sister, and who we should have been as siblings: every. single. day.

* I went to one primary school, and one high school. And one university. And lived in the same house until I moved to Australia at the age of 20.

* I love to read. But I often skim read, and then I can’t even remember what I read. I’m trying to slow down again.

* I’m super impatient. And control-freakish. It’s unfortunate. Believe me, I don’t like it.

* I’ve had grey/gray(however you choose to spell it) hair since I was in my mid-twenties. Yes, these are horrendous truths I share with you today…

* Riot police once had to save my friend and I from a crazed drunk/drugged up dude on a rampage in a house in London. True(and ultra scary) story.

* I have stood in the middle of a frozen lake(loch, even) in Scotland. Stupid. And dangerous. But I did it for the photographic evidence. Of which there is plenty.

* I can still sing the theme song from ‘Gummy Bears’. One of my favourite shows as a kid.

* I am right handed. But I have a bung baby finger on my right hand (long story), so when I write, my finger aches. ALWAYS. Even if I’m only writing a short shopping list(on my iPhone).

* I may be slightly addicted to grated cheese. And haloumi. Or, not at all.

* I am definitely addicted to photographs. Can’t get enough of them. Have way to many of them. Never get to look at all of them.

* When my dad turned 50 I called him ‘dinosaur dad’ in his birthday card. I remember, because I thought it was funny. Him, not so much amused. Now that I’m in my mid-thirties, I understand his point…

* I have been known to lay flat on my back on the floor in the dark with the same song on repeat for two-three hours at a time. It’s one of my favourite things to do.

* I still call Australia home.


6 thoughts on “35 for 35. not a maths post. or a cricket score.


    Make sure you have a fabulous day and get spoilt absolutely rotten!

    And now thanks to you – I have the Gummy Bears theme tune stuck in my head –

    ♫ ♪ Dashing and daring,
    Courageous and caring,
    Faithful and friendly,
    With stories to share.
    All through the forest,
    They sing out in chorus,
    Marching along,
    As their song fills the air.

    Gummi Bears!!
    Bouncing here and there and everywhere.
    High adventure that’s beyond compare.
    They are the Gummi Bears. ♫ ♪


  2. Happy 35th & I really enjoyed this ” getting to know about Jo” list!
    May I add one to “wish on”?

    Jo has a heart full of rainbows & waves rolling onto the shore who can use her head full of wisdom & compassion to soothe a hurting child because she is …Jo-awesomeness!

  3. Happy birthday Jo Foster! Hope it’s a brilliant day for you. I hope you get to spend it doing a little bit of everything from your list. Sing that Gummi Bear song loud and proud, eat heaps of grated cheese, go to the beach to sit and ponder, listen to your fave song on repeat, read, watch “Friends” and spend time with your loved ones. Enjoy! 🙂 Lisa

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