drink up

There is a thought ‘out there’ in science land that water can feel positive and negative energy. Don’t freak out. Stay with me…

Dr Masaru Emoto – a Japanese author and entrepreneur – has conducted a number of scientific experiments on this topic.

I find it fascinating. I’ve been thinking about it (and many other little paths off this course) for days now since I read Picoult’s latest book ‘Sing You Home’, where this concept is expanded a little…

“If human thoughts are directed at water before it is frozen, the crystals will be either beautiful or ugly depending on whether the thoughts were positive or negative. So if you expose water to positive stimuli – like beautiful music, or people in love, or words of gratitude – and then freeze it and look under a microscope, the ice crystals are symmetrical.

If you play a Hitler speech to your water or show pictures of murder victims or say ‘I hate you’ and then freeze it, the crystals are jagged and distorted.

Our bodies are made up of more than sixty per cent water. If positive thoughts can impact a glass of water, imagine the effect they might have on all of us.”

There has been a heap of criticism on Emoto’s work. Not surprisingly. And Picoult’s book is fiction.

I’m not saying I necessarily believe the theories 100%. BUT, things that go on around us definitely affect us. They can make our insides beautiful or ugly depending on their intent.

And delivery.

AND, how we take them in.


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