tall and ignorant servants

“If you like my poems
let them walk in the evening a little behind you
then people will say
“Along this road i saw a princess pass on her way to meet her lover
(it was toward nightfall)
with tall and ignorant servants.
E. E. Cummings

I LOVE E E CUMMINGS. Truly. Genius.

Also, I love the thought of having tall and ignorant servants! How totally winsome!!

Sometimes, being independent and all-that-jazz is tiring, and I’d love to just turn to my left and have a minion go running. I wouldn’t give them awful tasks, but just fun things, like making me cups of tea in splendid cup and saucer sets, or scouting potential boyfriends through glittery pink binoculars from a cafe on a beach.

However, then you break it down a little:

Essentially, tall servants would be handy. They could spot things over everyone else’s heads in a crowd. And if they lost me, they’d easily find me again. Although having said that, if I was a princess, I’d be wearing a tiara, and you’d hardly *lose* me…

But maybe ignorant servants NOT SO MUCH. I’m not sure how helpful that would be for me. It seems totally oxymoronish(it’s a word, go with it). I’d rather ignorant be replaced with attentive, and intuitive, and resplendently(surely that’s a word?) handsome even(small yay.

So yes, I’m interviewing for tall and **ignorant servants this week….

Coz that’s how I roll.

**attentive, intuitive, resplendently handsome


4 thoughts on “tall and ignorant servants

  1. Whimsy, how I heart thee. I went to see Arthur today and I imagined what it must be like to have a servant, a maid, a buttler. We had a nanny & housekeeper once. They weren’t at all like servants – not like the ones in the movies. They wore tracksuit pants, not tailored suits. It wasn’t whimsical at all. *sigh*

    • we had a maid, and a ‘garden boy’ when I was growing up (in South Africa). but our maid was like part of the family, I kinda felt like she was my second mum…
      how fun would it be to have *actual* servants – even if only for a day 🙂
      I’m all whimsy today lol

      • I so, so, so agree. I might even wear a dress just for that day, with petticoats – several of them. We could take tea on the lawn and play croquet. And servants could bring us cucumber sandwiches…

  2. 1. i’m too much of a control freak for servants; i won’t let anyone make my tea, do my laundry, clean my apartment, hang my clothes. i like those things done the way i do them.
    2. i already have a 6’6″ man friend to reach the top shelves for me, to find me when i’m lost, to push through large crowds with me trailing behind him 🙂

    i love this post, though. especially the part about “scouting potential boyfriends through glittery pink binoculars from a cafe on a beach.” brilliant.

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