a directory of fabulous *THINGS*: #001

I’m starting a list of fabulously amazing THINGS!!! Be thrilled!!

It’s mostly thanks to Justin (or Justine, as he is more fondly known by me) who has the BEST list of amazing THINGS that there could ever be.

Justine’s most favourite thing(or close to the top of his list) is DUCKS.
(did you know a group of flying ducks is called a ‘duck fury’?? Um…)

So in honour of him, I give you these:

Happy ducks with water for a Monday night. Particularly special because of the amount of rain we’re having in Sydney…

Justine also often says things like this:

Or, “pants are for terrorists”. Which we even hashtagged for a while. I bet you can understand why I love Justine A LOT. He is very good for my soul.

All that to share this…
The other night on twitter Justine sent me a song about IKEA. Don’t even begin to ask yourself why, because there is always always ALWAYS a meaning, but it’s never a trail anyone could follow without some difficulty. Hehehe. Instead, just click on the link and enjoy the song.

The song is by JC – not *that* JC – and is fabulous. You should totally love it with all of your heart.

Justine said: “This is the best song in the world about IKEA (maybe only song)” and I bet he’s right. Huzzah!

Best THING #001


One thought on “a directory of fabulous *THINGS*: #001

  1. “He is good for my soul.”

    Made me realize that I have people who are good for my soul. And not because I always agree with them.

    SUCH a cute post!

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