are you really YOU?


Lie: If people really knew you, they wouldn’t love you.
Truth: If people really knew you, they could really love you.

I love that. The truth bit. I find it’s too hard to live the lie. Even though it’s often the way we humans usually steer. Always ducking and weaving and pretending we’re more than we think we should admit that we are, to reduce the risk of rejection. It’s too tiring. And at the end of the day, when all is said and done and we lay our heads on the pillow, we know when we’ve not been true to ourselves.

How much more awesome to live true. To live free. To live knowing that whether we’re rejected by a particular person or not, we’ve been integrous to who we are, regardless.

:: and the laying of the head on the pillow is that much sweeter and more restful ::

I was sad about something the other day, and a beautiful friend sent an SMS that said ‘just sit with your sad… Let it teach you something’. There was no judgement. No ‘OMG SHE’S SAD???” There was love, embrace, tons of helpful advice, support, friendship, connection, togetherness, sharing….

It doesn’t have to mean the bottom is falling out of my world if I have a bad day. It doesn’t have to mean my family and friends will love me any less if I’m honest with my feelings instead of shoving them aside(only to face them even more harshly under the cover of darkness).

It doesn’t have to mean any of the lie… if I choose the truth instead.

It means I’m frail, and human, and tender, and vulnerable, and learning, and hopefully growing… and hopefully;

essentially ME.

Here’s to living free xx






12 thoughts on “are you really YOU?

  1. Your words are truly inspiring…I have wanted to say something like this to my friend for so long. She is Sad and i comfort her but, your words Jo, has come at exactly at right time, a must read for her…Thankyou…She will be Truly Blessed….

    PS…your emails are the only ones coming across to my new computer…absolutely enjoy your work..

  2. I try to do this with my kids: if they are crying I say, “come here and have a cry, I will cuddle you” rather than “stop crying!” A lot of parents, mistakenly I think, try to dry their children’s tears rather than just acknowledging them. Ironically, often it’s the simple acknowledgement that helps them feel better anyway.

  3. Beautiful, beautiful Jo. There are some people who bring light to our lives. You do that for me. You make me want to be a better person, yet at the same time I feel your ❤ even when you see me, flawed, vulnerable and at my weakest. Such pureness of heart is a rare joy. Thank you for finding your way to my world. And for this post. oxox

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  5. ‘sit with your sad’. I truly love this statement and I hope I remember it next time I’m miserable, and searching for solutions when sometimes there are none.
    Your blog is so raw and honest. I enjoy it very much. thank you.

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