doo be doo be dooooo

In an email I received from a friend this morning, was a little sign off:

be cute x


the picture has nothing to do with anything, except it’s TOTALLY cute… without trying!

So the email… ‘be cute’. Two words. And one only two letters. But with so much packed in it…

BE. It’s a command… and it’s also a word I totally love.

It’s better than doing I think. People can DO good, and still BE crappy people. But when you BE a good person, you can’t help but DO good stuff. (I know, tops grammar and all!)

Being is a ‘doing’ word! Funnily enough. We have to ‘DO’ being. Get it? (laugh with me at the irony)

It’s active. And I like that. It’s totally a choice.

“BE cute”. Don’t just ‘do’ cute. BE it. Live it. Embrace it. Let it consume you.

Now, cute is just a fluffy fun word. But the concept applies across all the great stuff too…

  • BE generous. Live it. Embrace it. Let it consume you.
  • BE kind. As in, live out kindness. Don’t just go ‘do’ a kind thing. (don’t get me wrong, you SHOULD go do kind things! But when you’re BEING kindness, you’ll be DOING kindess all the time…)
  • BE real… there’s a big one…
  • BE strong
  • BE vulnerable
  • BE slow to speak and quick to listen
  • BE (insert whatever is appropriate here for you)

I’m off. To be. And to do being.

do be do be do…



3 thoughts on “doo be doo be dooooo

  1. Great post jobe! Such a good reminder. Can i be you when i grow up? Or at least be like you? 🙂 Love your work…

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