I need me some ‘five star’ eyes

I’ve been thinking a bit around this kind of theme lately… and then today I read this:

“Who is a faithful sensible servant to whom the master can give responsibility of managing his household and feeding his family?” GOOD QUESTION!

Who IS that person?

I want to be that person. The person that someone trusts enough to hand over their most prized possessions – their HOME and their FAMILY – and when they do, they know that I would hold them lightly and manage them well…

(it’s also a metaphor for something bigger, clearly… so think broader yes?)

Beyond the obvious characteristics of faithfulness, and sensibility, I reckon you need ‘five star’ eyes to get that kind of gig. You got ’em?

I’m trying to ‘foster’ my five star eyes (haha. get it.)

It means noticing things. Really noticing. Don’t let the little things pass by. Unsaid. Undone. Five star means no dust, no fluff, no corner untucked, no dirt on the fork, no empty water jugs, no broken vases…

It means being ready. With whatever is needed at any given time. Like being ready with an encouraging word – something that brings life to situations. Earlier this afternoon I had a coffee in a cafe, and was totally zoned out from what was happening around me while I read the newspaper, until the lady next to me asked me if I was a JP. When I looked up to say no, I realised she was crying. She explained that she was filling out divorce papers and needed the signature of a JP before she could send them off. WOW. That’s a big Sunday for someone.  We chatted a bit, but I almost missed that chance…

It means having a sense of ownership. I always care more about something if it feels like it belongs to me. If we ‘own’ it, it means more. We attend to it better, and with more care, and grace, and dignity… more loyalty, and tenacity…

It means deferring. For the greater good. That takes grace. And humility. Which is often challenging for my pride.

It means being prepared. It means thinking ahead. In advance. You can’t feed anyone if you haven’t bought and prepared the food.

Five star means extending yourself. Stretching yourself. Growing and learning and moving. Which is always for the win.

I’m trying to lift my eyes to the five.

Happy Sunday xx


7 thoughts on “I need me some ‘five star’ eyes

  1. Oh I love this – I love the reminder to be a less selfish, better person. Being aware to get my foster on – I’m going to give it a crack Foster!

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