happy helpers

One of my besties sent me a small email the other day – basically telling me IT’S TIME TO BLOG (which it is, I’ve neglected my poor blog of late) – and I loved it. It’s short and sweet, and EXACTLY how I feel…

**she also sent me this image, so if that is your child hugging an oversized pear(HOW GOOD ARE PEARS?!), and you never expected to see this image online, I do apologise. It’s just too good not to share with everyone (and by everyone, I mean the readers of this neglected little blog)

Anyway, back to the ‘bestie note’. She said ‘here’s a starter for a blog post’, and then she flicked me this line in response to an email where I had been saying I was very happy helping someone:

I’m happy when I’m helping. I help when I’m happy. Its a good, regular, cycle.

There’s not much more that really even needs to be said is there!! I find that it’s true in life.

  • I AM happy when I feel like I’m helping someone – whether that’s in my work world, or in the shops, or on the street…
  • and then I also find I’m more likely to be helpful if I’m feeling happy…

The two go hand in hand… happy helpers… and much like the chicken and the egg, who can tell which comes first! (although I do have my theory on chickens!!) They fuel each other – helping and happiness – and the more you do one, the more you get the other. Either. And both. Which equals best.

Yep, that’s my maths. Either and both equals best. It’s true! (it’s also true that I was in the ‘special’ maths class in high school, so my teacher would no doubt not be surprised at all that I have turned maths into words…)

And it’s true scientifically too. There’s PLENTY of research that shows that helping people is very good for us – emotionally, and physically. So there you go! Like bestie said, it’s a good, regular cycle

Happy spring to you. Spring in the air, and a spring in your step.



One thought on “happy helpers

  1. You know we were talking about this in a roundabout way last night. Friends have friends who made a gazillion dollars and it’s all gone south since. And I said to Phil that I’d hope if we had that much, we’d know when enough was enough and spend the rest of our time just doing stuff for people. Helping out. Because at the end of the day, all the rest of the “things” we acquire really mean little. Friends, being loved and helping, they complete me. I am Jerry McGuire but not. xx Glad you are back blogging too xx

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