:: honest ease ::

I look at words a lot. Like, a LOT a lot. I can spend ages looking at the same word over and over, and sounding it out, until it looks all misspelt.

I particularly love it when I’m mulling over a thought, and then the word creates a new thought along the lines of what I’m thinking. A la honesty.

Honesty. I’ve been thinking about this thought for ages. Not so much the word, but the actual act of honesty. What being honest means. How we navigate honesty in our daily lives. If we don’t share absolutely everything with everyone, is there still authentic honesty inside of us?

Personally, I think there is. If I do share something of my life with someone, then I need to share that particular thing authentically and honestly. That’s being the real deal. Even if I don’t share something else. The authenticity lies in being completely honest in the bits I do share.

I read this quote recently:

“Proactive honesty creates visibility.
Reactive honesty creates exposure.
The difference between the two is tremendous.”

I agree. There’s subtleties within honesty. The way we share, or are forced to share, is important as well. The goal is freedom, and light, not harsh exposure and vulnerable shame.

And while I’ve been looking at the act of honesty, there’s always the actual word too. Honesty. When I look at it and say it over and over, my (slightly quirky) mind breaks it down to honest ease.

which is so very very much exactly what honesty should be….

What do you think? When you share, how much do you share? Do you end up feeling vulnerable and exposed, or free and light?


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