life in a brown paper bag

I recently read a review on a tween book that’s out at the moment. Called ‘The Survival Kit’, by Donna Freitas. It’s about a mum who dies, and leaves behind a brown paper bag with a ‘survival kit’ for her daughter. The kit includes an iPod with a still-to-be-determined playlist, a picture of peonies for growing, a crystal heart for loving, a box of crayons for sharing, a paper star for making a wish, and a paper kite for letting go.

It’s a good survival kit. It’s full of tangible objects to help someone grasp abstract and sometimes overwhelming life skills… It made me think about the things I’d choose to include to represent the qualities that mean a lot to me in someone’s character.

For example, in my brown paper bag I’d include playdough, for flexibility and malleability.
And a pocket torch, because there’s always a glimmer of light and hope.

It’s also interesting that these incredibly precious possessions that could change the course of a life are left to the daughter in such a (quite frankly) boring brown paper bag. Just goes to show, once again, it really is what’s on the inside that counts…

What things would you include in your brown paper bag, to help someone navigate life a little easier?


2 thoughts on “life in a brown paper bag

  1. This is truly inspiring and so creative. Very thought-provoking. I liked your addition of playdough and a torch =) I would, of course, include a book! For knowledge and if ever they need to escape.

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