my life as polyfilla spackling paste

I’m going to tell you a little about polyfilla. No, this is not a sponsored post… stay with me please!

Spackling paste, commonly known as polyfilla, is typically used to fill holes, small cracks and other minor surface defects in wood, drywall, and plaster. You can get a regular paste, a lightweight, or a light-bodied polyfilla depending on your needs. (You’re so welcome).

Polyfilla itself (as that well-known particular brand) was considered revolutionary because it didn’t crack or shrink, unlike other spackle based fillers around at the time. Over the years, other ‘Poly’ products were introduced, resulting in the now well-established brand.

Poly have products for painting, stripping, cleaning, wall papering. Quite the variety.

Notice how it’s a product that ‘fills gaps’. Essentially. Which is really what I’m on about, in this particular blog post. And I’ve written about this concept a little bit before, here.

Because that’s what I reckon we’re sometimes supposed to be in life. Gap fillers. At least, that’s how I see it.

A supporting role if you will. A ‘whatever you need in this particular moment’ person.
The gap filler. Not always the wall…

There’s incredible power in setting aside our ego, our ‘rights’, our attitudes, and just doing what needs to be done. For the greater good. Often we struggle for our position and our

entitlement. Essentially, we want to be THE WALL. The number one. In most relationships. It’s human nature. And it’s a nasty struggle. But sometimes we aren’t meant to be the wall – rather the spackling filler paste in all the little gaps and cracks inside the wall. Which will help the wall to be the wall… if we can get past our ego and insecurities, and look at the bigger picture…. and so the cycle continues…

Quite frankly, I’m relieved. I don’t want to always be the wall. I’m not a fan of the limelight. Never mind the pressure, and the expectations. That’s a tough gig.

I much prefer being the spackling. I prefer being the armour bearer, the arm holder, the gap filler… The ‘whatever you need’ person. The ‘make it happen’ person. The ‘if there’s a job that needs to be done, give it to me’ person. The ‘I’m not precious about a specific title’ person.

Sometimes, we just need to get good at recognising our roles in various settings – as a daughter, a friend, a spouse, a parent, at home or at work – and get about filling those gaps. Head down, bum up, just do what needs to be done.

Because without you, that wall will eventually fall down.


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