10.10.10. (and no, i’m not a year behind…)

It’s been a big year. For so many people. To be honest, I’m ready for the end of this one. For seven months, I worked 100+ hr weeks, and it all caught up with me eventually! I’m hanging out for 2012, and in the meantime, I’m trying to treat my whole self a little kinder. A little softer. And with a little more care.

Here’s a few of the things I’m doing differently. Already. And for 2012.


It’s nice when you get some! I used to have my sleep patterns nailed. I’d be in bed by 10pm, and I’d wake naturally before 6am, without an alarm. And then I’d sit on my balcony and watch the sun rise (and take photos to share with you all on twitter and instagram of course!) Bliss. But that got messed up big time, and so I’ve reigned everything back and set up some healthy night time/sleep boundaries.

  • I get offline at 9pm. Off everything electronic. Twitter(hello big time culprit!), emails, text, whatsapp etc… all my online play ends at 9pm.
  • I do something relaxing for the hour before bed. Sometimes it’s a bath, with bubbles, and candles. Sometimes I read a book. Sometimes I sit on the couch and chat to my housemates. Whatever I do, it’s relaxing, and winding me down…
  • Bed. At 10pm. Without my phone!

It’s making a world of difference. I’ve been into my new routine for almost a month, and it’s working wonders. I find I wake up at ten to six every morning, with no alarm clock. My body is ready to wake up, ready to face the day. And I’ve been taking photos on my balcony again. Which is something I love to do.

It’s also making a big difference not starting my day with the crazy super-intense adrenalin rush of waking to a screaming alarm sound. There’s nothing that sets the tone for a wonky day like getting whacked awake so unnaturally. I’m loving that I haven’t needed my alarm for weeks.


More on this to come I’m sure, as I figure it all out myself. But I’m having lots of greens, no simple carbs, nothing ‘white’ (rice, breads etc), not a lot of meat, and no sugar. I’m also drinking lots of herbal teas, and stocking up on WARM foods cos it seems that’s what my body is needing these days.


Best thing ever. I might be baised, but seriously. It’s so good. I’ve been doing yoga properly for just over a month now, and it’s wonderful. I go to YogaVillage in Potts Point (shout out to my fab instructor Jo!) – although while I’m in Melbourne this month I’m going to yoga down here –  and I love it. Vinyasa is a wonderful flowing style of yoga, linking the breath to movement in and out of sustained postures. I’ve loved every class, and have even managed a few handstands against a wall!


I (try!!) to spend some time in the sun. Which is tricky when Sydney gives you an entire week of solid rain… Vitamin D is KEY to great health, and our bodies make it when sunlight touches our skin. It takes a lot of supplements and sunlight exposure to rebuild your bones and your nervous system after chronic vitamin D deficiency, so it’s important to get enough. Just twenty minutes in the sun is good. With direct sunlight on your arms and legs. If you’re eating lots of antioxidant-rich foods, they help your body to absorb the sunlight without getting burnt. Bonus!

10 – 10 – 10 rule

A yes, the ten ten ten. I’m reminding myself to apply this rule, because as an Aries, I can be very ‘reactive’ and quick in my emotions and stress levels.

The ten ten ten asks: will it matter in 10 days, 10 months, 10 years?

And if the answer is no, then why be upset? Good question! I’m practising!

build healthy habits

Apparently it takes 21 days to form a new habit. So essentially, within a month, you could totally revolutionise your life. Or at least, improve it slowly but surely! I’m picking little things, one at a time, and working on making some changes…

What do you do? How do you set boundaries to care for your health?


7 thoughts on “10.10.10. (and no, i’m not a year behind…)

  1. Lovely post, Jo. I’m jealous that you have a balcony to sit on and reflect before the day begins. Sounds heavenly!

    I agree that having a little break between switching off the gadgets and getting under the doona is really important. I have a similar ritual, usually reading a novel or doing a little creative writing. I find the TV is a real time and social-sucker. I’ve really reduced my TV-watching and feel sooo much better for it. My housemate always has it on though, and I now find the noise really disruptive and invasive!

  2. Jo Joseph, it’s good to have you back enumerating your thoughts, as they spill out of your consciousness. I wish I had your skill, at putting them down….. 🙂

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