we will fight boredom with bike rides, cup cakes and trips to the library.

I’ve been trawling tumblr blogs recently. It’s my new favourite *thing* when I’m just chilling and having some time out. So many intensely creative people!

Tumblr. It’s another ‘thing to do’. And it’s absolutely huge these days. Founded in 2007, it’s now the 10th largest social media network, with over two million daily posts, and over fifteen thousand new users per day. Why so large? Because we like to create. We’re made to be creative. And it’s a place we can connect.

I’ve noticed it’s also a way to fight boredom. The teenage girls I’m around these days spend endless hours ‘reblogging’, screenshotting and pasting, giggling at ‘gifs’ and stalking their latest crushes.

It’s a fun way to fight boredom. And in light of that, I’m sharing this. ‘The Fight Boredom Manifesto” by Hello Amber! which I absolutely love.


“We will fight boredom with action, ideas and creativity. We will fight boredom with feminism, friend dates, and crafternoons.
We will fight jealousy and girl-hate and all the -isms and phobias in our communities.
We will fight boredom by encouraging each other and maintaining positive friendships.
We will fight the winter blues with long conversations, hot drinks and new adventures.
We will have picnics in the springtime.
We will fight boredom with bike rides, cup cakes and trips to the library.
We will write letters and not be afraid to cart our typewriters long distances.
We will be critical of the mainstream.
We will not be afraid to look ridiculous.
When our acquaintances complain of boredom, we will do our best to help them fight it (or perhaps get drunk and remind them only boring people get bored).
We will fight boredom with our own zines and manifestos – write your own!”

I made a tumblr myself. You can find it here.

“Millions long for immortality
who don’t know what to do with themselves 
on a rainy Sunday afternoon” 



One thought on “we will fight boredom with bike rides, cup cakes and trips to the library.

  1. Thanks! Here’s mine!

    The Boredom Manifesto
    Watching television last night I realized that I miss the comfort of boring television and boring places. Everything is so persistently exciting and engaging these days that we rarely come across the opportunity to decide between boredom (seldom in occurrence and cherished) and agitation (constant, unending and ubiquitous).
    So I propose the next trend will be ‘Borecore’: The hoarding, displaying and dissemination of infomercials, dated instructional videos, intellectually vacant sitcoms, John Tesh CDs (downloading music is too exciting) etc. Groups dedicated to boredom should pre-plan boring activities and hold boring meetings at Lamps Plus stores; these are the glittering palaces of boredom.

    Everyone wants a new phone, but who wants to experience the exhaustion of watching a T-Mobile commercial? Nearly every cell phone commercial boasts loud music and a verbally aggressive spokesman declaiming the fun you’re missing out on. Cell phone commercials that don’t conform to this music video formula exhibit an equally alienating urban charm, as if there’s a Starbucks, unlike any other, in your area, filled with everyone you would ever want to know and meet, and you are absolutely barred from this place.
    No. I’d prefer to watch a nice four minute dissertation on sleep apnea; with the only aesthetic being soft voices, and soft blue and beige clothes/backgrounds.
    Now that’s refreshing. Refreshingly boring.
    In many ways, Tim and Eric were on the right track when they started The Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!, the only problem was that they didn’t follow the thread far enough, they ruined their banal premise with comedy.

    “Borecore is not a brand, it is a lifestyle choice.” And since we are already digging ourselves an early grave, why make a big production out of it? Conservatives have long thought that religion, or religious values will bring America ‘back to its senses’, but it is really Bingo Night that will save your soul. Now that The Occupy Wall St. movement is being forcibly dispersed, it’s safe to assume a certain amount of that frustration will dovetail into Borecore; this is your chance to be ahead of the curve.

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