words i love. geek post alert.

I love words. They’re powerful. So little can say so much. In any language.

So much time without love’

Sometimes I just look at a word over and over, until eventually it looks completely wrong and I wonder if I even know how to spell. Better still, when you say a word over and over, until you freak yourself out and it sounds so wrong. Like ‘frugle’. Say that over and over. Or even, just look at it. What a ridiculous word.

Here’s a few words that I really love at the moment:

relishing. ‘strong appreciation or liking. hearty enjoyment’. i like the ‘shhh’ part. it’s a strong word.

ergo. like therefore. only more appealing to me. probably because it’s much shorter to write.

stupendous. it feels like a totally made up word. which i like. because creating stuff makes me happy.

whimsical. it’s a floaty type of word. i like lots of words with ‘w’ because they’re mostly soft. and gentle.

lyrical. i like the double ‘l’s in the word. it’s book-ended itself in goodness. that’s a clever word.

superfluous. again, it’s like a made up word. i mean seriously. what the heck? which is why i love it. it kinda feels rebellious to use words that seem made up…

What words do you love? 


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