stream of consciousness

Did you ever do this in school?

Teacher says a word. You write. LITERALLY. You just write. So whatever comes to mind. Only rule is: there’s NO RULES. You. just. write.

I used to freak out. And freeze. Because when there’s open and endless opportunity, I don’t always cope so well. I need only one or two options, or very close parameters, and then I can usually run with an idea. But this? JUST WRITE? Madness.

Then I’d start. Our teacher gave us ‘mushrooms’ as the starting word once. WHAT THE.

Mushroom. Um, fungus? Ok, it’s messy. Reminds me of a forest. Oooo, enchanted forests! Yay. Ok, now I’m having fun. So I went from mushroom, to forests, to dress ups, to faraway lands, to pirate ships, to fishing, to beaches, our holiday house, my house, school, the bus…. yeah. It’s all connected.


We are all connected. Everything is connected. How you behaved in the coffee shop this morning has bearing on your interview with that fancy company this afternoon, because when you ranted about your ‘not-so-hot’ skinny cap, the assistant of your potential new boss was standing in line behind you, and now she’s telling him all about you…

Your generosity with a ‘stranger’ last month brings kindness and an open door in a situation you’ve been trying to resolve for ages when the stranger is best friends with the person you need to connect with…

Treat people kindly. Consider that the next person you have anything to do with holds part of your destiny. That’ll change how you see things….

How you leave one thing affects how you enter the next.

Close doors well. Start well. Finish well.

2012 follows on from 2011. You take YOU with you.

EVERYTHING is connected…

Let’s end 2011 how we want to start 2012. Be that whatever is important for each of us individually.

Happy new year.


One thought on “stream of consciousness

  1. I really like this. Everything is connected. I was in a bit of a mood about NYE because I’m currently in a place where I don’t know anyone, I’ve just moved to Europe. But then I realised I do know someone – my lovely boy who I’m here with! Yeh, it’s just going to be us and we usually celebrate with all our friends but tonight can be about making new memories, just the two of us.
    Plus I need a job so maybe if I’m nice to the bartender tonight he’ll recommend me 😉

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