photo phriday: snail mail

when last did you have handwritten mail??


5 thoughts on “photo phriday: snail mail

  1. Teehee, that’s sooooo cute!

    The last hand-written piece of mail I received was from a neighbourhood kid who lost her kitten. So that’s sad. Even this year’s Christmas cards were brief: ‘Dear Kat, Love, x’.

    I’ve been thinking it’s time to crack open the letter writing set. I’d love to receive a long letter, so perhaps I should kick things off by sending a few myself…

    Thanks for the reminder 🙂

  2. Love it! I never get snail mail and it makes me sad. I haven’t done Christmas cards for the last few years because I feel bad about the paper waste….but maybe I’m going to bring it back. I love getting cards in return.

    Maybe we can start a snail mail revolution.

  3. I love this!! Sending and receiving snail mail is such a pleasure of mine. If your mailbox is ever in need of some love, let me know!

  4. Adore this photo!!! I have saved letters from all phases of my life and love being able to look back and read the narrations of moments written by friends and families. And as this new year begins, I’ve embraced doing all I can in my space in this world to bring back this lost treasure. Thanks for sharing the photo!

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