‘life only sucks if you do’. But really?

I read an article last year called ‘life only sucks if you do’. It was an interesting read. You can find it here if you’d like to have a sticky-beak. I read it because the title intrigued me, and admittedly, prickled me a little.

I’m not writing to give feedback of my thoughts on the article as a whole, but one of the paragraphs really stuck with me that day.

We have two choices: the pain of staying the same, or the pain of growth. If we stay the same, we will have subtle pain our whole lives until we die wondering “what if?” Or we can choose the pain of growth, which can be intense, but it is temporary. On the other side is the goal, result and life we desire.

And followed by this question:

“So, what empowering meaning can you give to the challenges of your life?”

I like this bit. I don’t think life sucks if you do. Because sometimes life sucks regardless of what you do. BUT, either way, we DO have those two choices, so as much as sometimes there’s a feeling of a lack of control over the happenings of our lives, there is full control over how we choose to respond, and move through the experiences we’re faced with.

We can choose to see each challenge with new empowering meaning.

Perspective changes everything.
Perspective is essential.



6 thoughts on “‘life only sucks if you do’. But really?

  1. Perspective is key, whether it means putting yourself in another’s position, or standing up for your own. I am learning to swim against the tide. Sure, my arms get sore from time to time, but it’s all worth it. x

  2. Lovely article. I don’t think life sucks, but I do feel a bit trapped and unsure how to handle that or what changes, if any, to make.

    Once we accept life’s commitments – mortgages, children, etc – I suspect it takes a level of courage I don’t have to make big changes.

    As Shelley said above, I swim against the tide a bit, too, in a work environment that easily becomes a sea of competitiveness and negativity. I find this very hard.

    You know me.

    I like gherkins.


    • gherkins!! lol.
      I’m still not at the point of accepting the commitments clearly – as I’ve ditched them all (I feel like they trap me) and I’ve gone ‘gypsy’.

  3. I think the belief that there is a reason for all adversity makes challenges easier to face. In my experience anyway. Even if there is no reason (though I believe there is) if you approach the challenge with an open mind to see what lesson there is from it, it’s almost a distraction from the fact that it’s bad. I think the greatest thing I’ve gained from adversity is insight into how others must feel. When someone says something to me that really bites, sometimes I don’t think the message is what is being said so much as how it makes you feel. If that makes you a better person then I definitely think life should suck more often.

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