don’t forget to take out the trash

We carry stuff. It’s exhausting. Very. Emotional stuff. Feelings about past events, hurts we’ve never let go of.. just S.T.U.F.F. We all do it. Because sometimes life is HARD. And things happen. And we’re left with memories, and thoughts and FEELINGS. Oh the feelings!

I read an interesting article the other day on emotional cleansing and release, where the author talks about the understanding of ‘black bags’. The idea that we store up emotions and thoughts we are unable to deal with at the time, until we are ready to let go of them.

“these black bags can be measured along neuro pathways. By measuring electrical impulses along neural pathways, repressed emotions show up as blockages along the pathways within the nervous system.

Massage therapists run into these black bags as well. While massaging a client’s body, the client might re-experience a wave of old emotions and feel a physical as well as an emotional release. This indicates the emotions a client has stored within the black bag have formed a physical blockage. Releasing that physical blockage can help release the emotional black bag as well.

This makes sense. And so does the next idea. That the black bags will go where you direct them by your language. Language is SO powerful. How we speak about ourselves (even subconsciously) has a profound impact on our bodies.

Someone who doesn’t like their job and continually says “This job is a pain in the neck” may find they suffer from pain in the neck or head. Any time he or she has a negative experience at work, the unconscious mind puts the black bag exactly where instructed.

The unconscious likes instructions. Therefore it’s important to be aware of your language. If you habitually use phrases like, “I have a heavy heart” because of an event or circumstance, that can cause black bags to accumulate in that area, creating a profound physiological affect. If you never tell the black bags where to go, your unconscious will spread them out evenly rather than letting them pile up in one area.

I visualise these ‘black bags’ as the black garbage bags we all know and love. And love to hate. The heavy buggers we haul out to the bins on the sidewalk once a week. The smelly yukky bags we hardly want to touch. The feeling of triumph when we’re done shoving them into the bin, and we get to walk away from them. No looking back.

It is not human nature for us to hold on to grudges and bitterness because

the prime directive of the unconscious mind
is to let experiences go.

That’s not to say that we should never be negative, or feel negative. Negative emotions like anger, sadness, fear and guilt are not bad in and of themselves. They provide us with great feedback about our experiences. But holding on to negative emotions past the point where they are ready for a natural release is unhealthy for the mind, body and spirit.

Repressed anger draws more anger. Have you known people who are always angry and seem to attract angry situations into their lives? What types of emotions do you want to store? Your emotional body will take your lead and attract more of the same.

Generally, I know most of us are naturally motivated to do some form of cleansing before we bring in something new. We do it ritualistically at the end of each year. People ‘party up big’ to finish off one year. We shower before we go on a date. We clean the house when guests are due. We wash our food before we eat it. But we often don’t cleanse ourselves emotionally.

We pile new energies and emotions on top of old ones, and wonder why new circumstances end up

feeling much the same as in the past.

The black bags turn into some heavy mofo garbage. An emotional or mental clean-out is just as important as on the physical. If we cleanse first before we bring down a new energy, or emotion, or thinking, we’re better able to direct it.

Personally, once I’ve squashed the garbage bag into the bin, and it’s gone, I don’t think about it again. How good would it be if this translated in the same way, in relation to these black bags full of emotions and thoughts?

Our pent up emotions, thoughts, grudges, bitterness… are just as smelly and heavy as the physical rubbish we toss. How silly that we try to carry those around!

Take the time to toss out your garbage, even if it’s a smelly heavy uncomfortable bag you have to handle for a little while. Rather a little discomfort short term, than a rotting house…


3 thoughts on “don’t forget to take out the trash

  1. What a great post! My martial arts instructor has us do guided meditations, from time to time, in tai chi/qigong/,meditation classes. He had us lie down on the floor and we were to imagine that we were on a beach; we were then told to take all of our emotional stresses and dump them in the garbage on the beach. I can’t tell you how amazing it felt , right after, and how completely balanced I was at the time. Great post again and I look forward to sharing more with you:))

  2. This is one thing I have always been good at. I don’t dwell and I don’t resent and I try very hard to fix anything that’s weighing on my mind. Travelling light is the only way to really see the world. x

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