Hold lightly


I know… I’ve neglected my blog. I had a big year in 2013, and I neglected a lot of things, including my blog. And me. But here I am, and it’s 2014 (or even, Version 2.014 as I like to call it) so I’m starting fresh.

I’ve been quietly (and not so quietly, for the poor people involved) working through some stuff. And this past week has been huge for me. HUGE. A really important week. And I finally (thank god, say the poor people involved) dug myself out of my little pit and Got. It.

You know how we hold so tightly to the things we love, and guard what’s important to us? Ferociously. Yeah, well, sometimes that doesn’t work out so great… does it.

I was holding so tightly to something I was so determined not to lose, or allow to shift and morph and evolve as it needed to, that not only did I almost bleed the very life out if it but I also hurt my hands (and heart and soul) in the process with my very rigid grip. And I only have myself to blame.

And yes, because I was so tight-fisted about that One Thing, I also had no room for anything else. Which is never good, I know.

It was only when my hands were shaking sooooo friggin hard from holding on too tightly for too long (we all know that feeling!) that I was forced to let go. And in that letting go, I – very thankfully – found my own freedom. And, funnily enough, space for that thing to still be in my hands in a whole new way.

It’s amazing what you find in your letting go. Which is easier to say than to live out, I know, especially if you’re anything like me – which is a super stubborn independent control freak Aries. (Apologies again to those who deal with me on a regular basis.)

Open hands. It’s still physically the exact same two hands.
But they look completely different. And their function and role changes too.
There’s so much more space in two open hands than in two closed fists.
Space for light. And air.
And space for things to grow. And be.
Space to breathe…

Open hands. Open heart.
The same principles apply.
And when you can do it with your hands, you can do it with your heart.

First the natural, then spiritual. That’s the way life works.

“Hold everything in your hands lightly… it hurts when you finally have to pry your fingers open.”

Selah. (Pause, and think calmly on that.) xxxx




5 thoughts on “Hold lightly

  1. Well Jo, it’s about time you got blogging again. Anyone woulf think you’d been busy, or travelling or both. Welcome back….. 🙂

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