don’t forget to take out the trash

We carry stuff. It’s exhausting. Very. Emotional stuff. Feelings about past events, hurts we’ve never let go of.. just S.T.U.F.F. We all do it. Because sometimes life is HARD. And things happen. And we’re left with memories, and thoughts and FEELINGS. Oh the feelings!

I read an interesting article the other day on emotional cleansing and release, where the author talks about the understanding of ‘black bags’. The idea that we store up emotions and thoughts we are unable to deal with at the time, until we are ready to let go of them.

“these black bags can be measured along neuro pathways. By measuring electrical impulses along neural pathways, repressed emotions show up as blockages along the pathways within the nervous system.

Massage therapists run into these black bags as well. While massaging a client’s body, the client might re-experience a wave of old emotions and feel a physical as well as an emotional release. This indicates the emotions a client has stored within the black bag have formed a physical blockage. Releasing that physical blockage can help release the emotional black bag as well.

This makes sense. And so does the next idea. That the black bags will go where you direct them by your language. Language is SO powerful. How we speak about ourselves (even subconsciously) has a profound impact on our bodies.

Someone who doesn’t like their job and continually says “This job is a pain in the neck” may find they suffer from pain in the neck or head. Any time he or she has a negative experience at work, the unconscious mind puts the black bag exactly where instructed. Continue reading


‘life only sucks if you do’. But really?

I read an article last year called ‘life only sucks if you do’. It was an interesting read. You can find it here if you’d like to have a sticky-beak. I read it because the title intrigued me, and admittedly, prickled me a little.

I’m not writing to give feedback of my thoughts on the article as a whole, but one of the paragraphs really stuck with me that day.

We have two choices: the pain of staying the same, or the pain of growth. If we stay the same, we will have subtle pain our whole lives until we die wondering “what if?” Or we can choose the pain of growth, which can be intense, but it is temporary. On the other side is the goal, result and life we desire.

And followed by this question:

“So, what empowering meaning can you give to the challenges of your life?”

I like this bit. I don’t think life sucks if you do. Because sometimes life sucks regardless of what you do. BUT, either way, we DO have those two choices, so as much as sometimes there’s a feeling of a lack of control over the happenings of our lives, there is full control over how we choose to respond, and move through the experiences we’re faced with.

We can choose to see each challenge with new empowering meaning.

Perspective changes everything.
Perspective is essential.


‘the only way out is in and through’

So we’re well into 2012 now. I’ve spent the first few weeks of 2012 setting some things into place that will be the stabilising ‘poles’ of my tent this year… holding things together a little better when the winds blow.

A little background: I finished 2011 with my digestive, nervous and immune systems a bit messed up. I’m working with an amazing naturopath/holistic doctor who is like my own personal jesus (big shout out to Phoebe) who has helped me incredibly.

I’m on a multitude of herbs and roots and supplements to support and aid my systems in a number of areas. I’ve also been given specific foods I need to eat, and various other things I need to do. All very good.

Alongside all of this, I have a list of things that I am doing, which, while they are specific for me right now, will be helpful for anyone who is just ‘not feeling great’.

And I think that if we were doing these
healing, supportive and kind things for ourselves all the time,
maybe we wouldn’t be doing so much of the crashing and burning.

So, at the top end of the new year, here’s some helpful, restful, kind and healing things that hopefully some spark an interest for you, and help you care for yourself as well.

1. sleep

It’s crucial! 8 hours and all that jazz… but not just any old 8 hours, we need to sleep during specific hours for our body to rejuvenate correctly. Your organs catch up on themselves between 10pm – 2am, so make sure you’re in bed by 10, so that you give your organs maximum time to replenish. Your brain will then finish things off by rejuvenating itself between 2 – 6am.

And on this topic – get offline by 8/9pm – or if you’re really brave, get offline from sunset if possible. It’s hard, but it’s sooo good. Rather have a bath, or read a book, or chat to a friend on the couch over a cup of tea…

2. diaphragm breathing

All of the body’s vital functions (sleep, digestion, immunity, detoxification, metabolism) work better when the mind and body are relaxed, and stress is well managed. Diaphragm breathing is one of the most powerful ways to decrease stress and increase energy. By using the diaphragm to breathe, a person’s physiology can be dramatically changed, literally activating the relaxation centres in the brain.

Tips from Phoebe: Practice abdominal breathing when you go to bed – try to get up to 50 breaths, or more. Imagine letting go of your thoughts with each ‘out’ breath.

If you don’t know what diaphragm breathing is, here’s a little rundown: Continue reading

stream of consciousness

Did you ever do this in school?

Teacher says a word. You write. LITERALLY. You just write. So whatever comes to mind. Only rule is: there’s NO RULES. You. just. write.

I used to freak out. And freeze. Because when there’s open and endless opportunity, I don’t always cope so well. I need only one or two options, or very close parameters, and then I can usually run with an idea. But this? JUST WRITE? Madness.

Then I’d start. Our teacher gave us ‘mushrooms’ as the starting word once. WHAT THE.

Mushroom. Um, fungus? Ok, it’s messy. Reminds me of a forest. Oooo, enchanted forests! Yay. Ok, now I’m having fun. So I went from mushroom, to forests, to dress ups, to faraway lands, to pirate ships, to fishing, to beaches, our holiday house, my house, school, the bus…. yeah. It’s all connected.


We are all connected. Everything is connected. How you behaved in the coffee shop this Continue reading

words i love. geek post alert.

I love words. They’re powerful. So little can say so much. In any language.

So much time without love’

Sometimes I just look at a word over and over, until eventually it looks completely wrong and I wonder if I even know how to spell. Better still, when you say a word over and over, until you freak yourself out and it sounds so wrong. Like ‘frugle’. Say that over and over. Or even, just look at it. What a ridiculous word.

Here’s a few words that I really love at the moment:

relishing. ‘strong appreciation or liking. hearty enjoyment’. i like the ‘shhh’ part. it’s a strong word.

ergo. like therefore. only more appealing to me. probably because it’s much shorter to write.

stupendous. it feels like a totally made up word. which i like. because creating stuff makes me happy.

whimsical. it’s a floaty type of word. i like lots of words with ‘w’ because they’re mostly soft. and gentle.

lyrical. i like the double ‘l’s in the word. it’s book-ended itself in goodness. that’s a clever word.

superfluous. again, it’s like a made up word. i mean seriously. what the heck? which is why i love it. it kinda feels rebellious to use words that seem made up…

What words do you love? 

eat, drink and be merry (and by merry i mean a little bit healthy)

I know everyone’s gearing up for The Big Christmas Eat Off… but after a little health ‘awakening’ recently (more on that later) I’ve been a lot more GOOD food conscious. I know, I should know better, working for a foodie health guru and all. But sometimes you can know in your head, and it still takes time – or a health scare – to get the knowledge from your head, to being outworked properly in your own daily life. (and quite frankly, sometimes it’s just a pain to be a disciplined grown up!)

So! Thought I’d share a few of the foodie things I’ve been learning and embracing lately… and will be trying to stick to through the silly season!

1. When I wake up in the mornings I drink (a lot of) hot water with a big chunk of lemon, or apple cider vinegar.

  • Apple cider vinegar contains tons of minerals, trace elements, vitamins, enzymes and acids we need, including: potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, chlorine, vitamin C, A, E, B1, B2, B6, beta carotene, vitamin P, and iron.
  • it helps your metabolism to function properly
  • it regulates water content in the cells and body, and reduces water retention
  • it helps to regulate blood pressure
  • it increases vitality and energy
  • it’s a powerful detoxifying and purifying agent, breaking down a bunch of nasty toxic deposits in the body and thereby improving the health and function of all the vital organs – including the liver, kidneys, and bladder.
  • it also promotes digestion.

2. Because of the effort involved in digesting things at the moment, I’ve been sticking with Continue reading